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The Mystic Nine 老九门 Episode 39 Recap

Er Yuehong learned that the meteorite came from outside the sky and fell into three pieces. One was hidden in the ancient building of Zhangjia, another was in Qingwuzi’s tomb, and the other was missing. Er Yuehong is very unconscious now. In order to resurrect the girl again, he plans to find the missing piece of copper. After Zhang Qishan and Shi Huaichan knew about it, in order to stabilize Er Yuehong, they promised him to go and find it together tomorrow. Meteorite. Unexpectedly, when he woke up, Er Yuehong was nowhere to be found. Zhang Qishan decided to take some of his men and set out to bring Er Yuehong back.

Zhang Qishan looked around all the way, but did not see February Red. When he walked to a canyon with a unique topography, he saw murals on the rock wall depicting the falling process of meteorite copper, so he speculated that the valley was caused by meteorite copper. Zhang Qishan sighed the supernatural craftsmanship of nature, while continuing to search for Eryuehong.

At night, Zhang Qishan and Er Yuehong have not returned, but Qi Tiezui and Shi Huaichan are sitting there, chatting and waiting. Suddenly, Qi Tiezui discovered that the moon in the sky was still in its quarter moon, just like it was in the meteorite copper, and then he even discovered that Shi Huaichan was frozen, like a puppet. At this time, Adjutant Zhang arrived, and after Qi Tiezui confirmed that he was normal, he told his guess that they were actually still in the meteorite and had never left.

Zhang Qishan also found something wrong in the process of searching for Er Yuehong. He was walking and saw the writing on the rock wall asking him to wake up. It seemed that Er Yuehong had left it. At this time, he was sure that he was actually still in the meteorite copper. All that had happened before was hallucinations. Er Yuehong was also aware of the truth, so he left a text to ask him to wake up.

Jude Kao found Lu Jianxun and told him the origin of the meteorite copper in the form of a shadow play. Jude Kao wanted to use this to encourage Lu Jianxun to help him go to the tomb in search of meteorite copper, and on the condition of helping him eradicate Zhang Qishan, he asked him to hand over the nine gates to himself. Jude Kao set up a company that sells goods and secretly built a laboratory to pave the way for future research on meteorite copper.

He brought Lu Jianxun to the laboratory to show him his strength. Lu Jianxun knew that what Jude Kao did was to dig a pit and let himself fall step by step. He didn’t want to be controlled by Jude Kao anymore, so he drew a gun and threatened him. But Jude Kao was not afraid, because only he could help Lu Jianxun eradicate Zhang Qishan. Lu Jianxun was finally persuaded by Jude Kao and signed the document entrusting Jude Kao to take over the nine doors.

Zhang Qishan is spinning around in the illusory world, but this is not the way to leave, the key is to wake himself up. He remembered his peace of mind during military training. He believed that only by calming down can he concentrate and escape the mind control of this illusory world.

After Jude Kao was authorized by Lu Jianxun, he led the team to the tomb, where he met tangerine peel. Chen Pi also appeared helpless in the tomb at this time. Although he was reluctant to cooperate with Jude Kao in every possible way, but Jude Kao mastered the latest western science, he had to stand with him temporarily.

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