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The Legend of Chusen S1 青云志1 Episode 14 Recap

Based on the petals Lu Xueqi brought, Zhang Xiaofan speculated that someone planted poisonous flowers on Kongsang Mountain, and the poisoned disciple who died of poisoning was the victim of their experiment. Lu Xueqi decided to go to Kongsang Mountain to find the disciples of the Wandu Sect. Seeing Zhang Xiaofan’s analysis was so good, Lu Xueqi put aside the prejudice against Zhang Xiaofan, and felt that Zhang Xiaofan suddenly became smarter.

Similarly, Zhang Xiaofan also feels that it is incredible that Lu Xueqi, who is usually cold and cold, can come up with a way to raise funds by acting. Lu Xueqi told Zhang Xiaofan that he was inspired by the circus outside the Great Wall, but he was unwilling to answer Zhang Xiaofan’s question about whether he had been outside the Great Wall.

Jin Ping’er found Li Xun on the grounds of sending clothes to Xiaohuan, and asked him to help solve the troubles Jinxiufang had encountered in the past few days. Li Xun naturally agreed and took the opportunity to tell Jin Ping’er that he had planned to blow up the mountain and intercept the canal. To quickly solve the water source problem, how to spend a lot of manpower and material resources to build a canal like Zeng Shushu, aroused anger. Li Xun wanted to find a reason for Zeng Shushu to retreat and dismissed the idea of ​​building a canal.

Jin Ping’er, who wanted to find Li Xun as a backer, naturally agreed in one fell swoop, and all listened to Li Xun’s arrangements. Jin Ping’er had just left from Li Xun and met Zeng Shushu. Zeng Shushu hoped that Jin Ping’er must consider the people of Yudu City and make a careful decision regarding the issue of the new lord of Yudu City. Jin Ping’er told Zeng Shushu that as long as he intends to be the lord of Yudu City, he will fully support it, otherwise he will not have the problem of supporting or not.

During the Mid-Autumn Festival, Lin Jingyu came to the bank of Qinghe to perform his contract. He asked Baguio whether some strange problems appeared in Zhang Xiaofan’s magic weapon were related to her. Baguio told Lin Jingyu that even if he used any method on the magic weapon, he couldn’t interfere with Zhang Xiaofan’s inner breath, and that the problem was all Zhang Xiaofan’s own business. Then, Baguio asked Zhang Xiaofan about the purpose of coming to Yudu City, and Lin Jingyu replied according to the facts, saying it was to guard against demons.

Baguio accused the so-called righteous people of misunderstanding of the King of Ghosts. Lin Jingyu, who was deeply influenced by the righteous people, naturally had a dispute with Baguio, and persuaded Baguio to abandon the secret and leave the King of Ghosts. Baguio turned and left without saying a word, only then did Lin Jingyu realize that different paths are different.

Zhang Xiaofan learned about the quarrel between Lin Jingyu and Baguio, and persuaded Baguio based on the similarity that Baguio and Lin Jingyu were not at the same heart, and then invited Baguio to the stage to watch Zeng Shushu’s rehearsal. Then she would naturally. Understand everything.

On the stage, Zeng Shushu saw Zhang Xiaofan and Xiaohuan look handsome, and joked that they should be married, so that Zhang Xiaofan could become the lord of Yudu City with both name and color. Zhang Xiaofan simply said that he would accept Zeng Shushu.

Lu Xueqi was suddenly inspired and went outside the city with Lin Jingyu to find the place where Yan Huwei buried the Wandumen disciples. They found that the corpse had already turned into blood and water, seeping into the soil. Lu Xueqi couldn’t figure out what kind of poison it was, or whether it had something to do with the petals he picked up.

Zhou Zhouxian took the Lord of the Weicheng to the theater. The Lord of the Weicheng refused on the grounds that he was unwell. He told Zhouyi that he was clearly unwell, but he could not find out his condition.

Zeng Shushu searched for a long time but did not find the small ring. Seeing that it was time for the start of the show, Zeng Shushu saw Baguio who had come to find Lin Jingyu, and suddenly had an idea to let Baguio replace Xiaohuan in this big show. The show started as scheduled. After Zeng Shushu’s opening speech, Baguio and Zhang Xiaofan descended from the air like Lingbo fairies, which drew applause from the audience. They performed on the stage the love and hatred of Zhengdao Jianyi and Mojiao Pineapple. The play was written by Zeng Shushu based on the past of Qingyunmen.

Unexpectedly, Baguio went straight back to the backstage after forgetting his words because of hurried preparations. Zhang Xiaofan followed Baguio and suddenly felt sad and bloodshot in his eyes. Baguio realized that Zhang Xiaofan was affected by the magic weapon, and Zhang Xiaofan insisted on finishing the trick.

Jin Ping’er used medicinal liquor to fall into the guard, and together with Li Xun, while everyone was going to the big show, broke into Zeng Shushu’s room and saw the model of the canal he designed. Although Li Xun said that Zeng Shushu was very leisurely, he was only scheming and clever, but he still let Jin Ping’er destroy them all. Jin Ping’er persuaded Li Xun, only to teach them a lesson, not to be so unfeeling.

As soon as Jin Ping’er’s voice fell, the wooden bird developed by Zeng Shushu learned Jin Ping’er’s words like a parrot. Li Xun wanted to catch the wooden bird, but the wooden bird hid under the table, and Li Xun was helpless for a while. Jin Ping’er was afraid of being discovered, and persuaded Li Xun to hurry up and leave. At this time, she saw a red dragonfly that had never been seen in Yuducheng sting on the petals.

At this time on the stage, Zhang Xiaofan and Baguio’s performances were approaching a climax. Baguio seemed to remember the situation where he and her mother were in danger, and the sincere performance on stage caused the audience to cry. At this time, Baguio was too deep into the play and sat on the stage, Zeng Shushu had to call Baguio over.

Continuing the performance, Baguio, who had already entered the play, ignored the lines and left with Zhang Xiaofan’s sword. On the stage, Baguio and Zhang Xiaofan suddenly rose into the air holding hands, like a couple of gods and goddesses.

What they didn’t know was that when Xiaohuan was finishing the costumes in the background, he was suddenly kidnapped by someone sent by Lord Gou. Lord Gou thought that the Qingyunmen disciples had offended the young master Baguio, and in this way gave Baguio outrage. Xiaohuan infers the past and future of Lord Gou, Lord Gou hurries to untie Xiaohuan, Xiaohuan fools Lord Gou and takes the opportunity to escape.

Gouye didn’t catch up with Xiaohuan, and wanted to make trouble with his subordinates behind the stage, so that Zhang Xiaofan and the others could not act. Lord Gou was about to cast a spell and set fire to the stage. Fortunately, Lu Xueqi arrived in time and injured Lord Gou, which made the performance go smoothly.

The performance was unprecedentedly successful. Lin Jingyu and Baguio set off lights by the river. Although righteousness and evil are not at the same time, Lin Jingyu, who can distinguish between good and evil, still expressed his gratitude to Baguio. Lu Xueqi did not understand why Lin Jingyu kept lighting up the lights. Zhang Xiaofan told her that the lights were set off to express the thoughts of the family members who had passed away.

It was the root of Zhang Xiaofan’s heart demon on the day of the Seven Meridians’ Martial Arts, and advised him not to be too attached to the past. Lu Xueqi just wanted to tell Zhang Xiaofan about her life experience. At this time, Zeng Shushu and Xiaohuan came over and let them light up the lights together. There was a lively and festive scene in Yudu City.

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