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The Mystic Nine 老九门 Episode 16 Recap

The girl had been holding back the pain, pretending to be better, and finally fell to the ground in front of February red coughing up blood. The fact that she was dying ill can no longer be kept. At this time, February Red was given out first, the medicine was gone, and the girl returned the medicine to Zhang Qishan. Er Yuehong didn’t know why the girl did this. With the girl’s sick body, he rushed to Zhang Mansion in the rain, hoping that Zhang Qishan would give them the medicine.

Zhang Qishan knew that the second master was on his way, so he broke his heart and ordered his servant to lock the door. Er Yuehong knelt down outside the door to ask for medicine, but Zhang Qishan ignored it with tears inside the door. On that day, Zhang Qishan promised the girl to fulfill her wish, and in doing so, it was also to save Er Yuehong. As long as he can keep February Red’s life, even if he is misunderstood and hated by him, he will not hesitate.

Seeing that Zhang Qishan was indifferent to him in the door, Er Yuehong held the girl in despair and apologized to her regardless of her illness. The girl knew what had happened in her heart, but she could only endure it, hoping that the second master could understand her and Zhang Qishan’s painstaking efforts after she was freed.

The girl’s spirit was sluggish at this time, she asked Er Yuehong to take her to eat a bowl of noodles, and Er Yuehong carried her out to buy noodles without saying a word. But at this time it was getting late and the noodle shops were closed, and February Hong could only lose her way and take the girl back. The two looked up at the beautiful moon, sat in a hug, talking to each other in the quiet night. The atmosphere was quiet, but her heart was sad. Er Yuehong knew that the girl couldn’t make it through, but she was powerless and could only silently accompany her through the last leg of her life.

The girl fragrantly disappeared, and Er Yuehong was so dazzled by her anger that she rushed into Zhang’s Mansion with her sword and slashed at Zhang Qishan. Zhang Qishan did not dodge, but straightened his chest and hit the sword of February Red. February Red wants Zhang Qishan to pay for his life, and Zhang Qishan said, if Erye can accompany him to the grave and find out the Japanese conspiracy, why not bury him as a girl. Jiuye worshipped the girl in the mourning hall, and then handed the letter to Er Yuehong, who read the letter and understood the ins and outs of the matter.

Chen Pi has been lying in the hospital after being rescued by Zhang Qishan. After healed, he rose vigorously, ignored the nurse’s persuasion, and left the hospital. Chen Pi was walking on the street and heard the news of the death of Shi Niang girl accidentally, and the whole world seemed to collapse instantly. He rushed back to the Red Mansion and looked at the girl’s mourning hall in disbelief, only to know that Shi Niang was really dead, and he had no time to see his beloved Shi Niang for the last time.

Feiyuehong’s bereavement soon lingered in the land of Xunhuawen Liu. When Qi Tiezui went to find Erye, he was hooked up with some brothel women. His expressions were nothing like those who had just experienced the pain of losing their wives. Qi Tiezui told Zhang Qishan about the matter and mentioned that the look of February Red was more blatant than before. After Zhang Qishan heard it, he felt something strange.

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