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So Young (2016) 致青春 Episode 8 Recap

Lin Jing returned to China from Italy. After returning to the previous dormitory, he learned from his former roommate that Zheng Wei came here to look for him just the day after he went abroad. Lin Jing asked her roommate if she had seen the fairy tale of Andersen who had fallen in the dormitory before. The roommate informed that the book was taken away by Zheng Wei. Lin Jing felt very complicated after hearing this. After thinking about Zheng Wei’s affection for herself, she decided to visit Zheng Wei’s school.

Zheng Wei played cards with Xu Kaiyang and others in the boys’ dormitory to relieve boredom. Drinking was the punishment for winning or losing in the poker game. However, after drinking the wine, everyone was still not enjoying themselves, so someone proposed to take off their clothes instead of drinking punishment. When everyone saw that Zheng Wei was here, they originally wanted to forget it. At this time, Chen Xiaozheng happened to pass by the door of the dormitory.

When Zheng Wei saw him, he wanted to anger him and resolutely participated in the boys’ undressing game. Chen Xiaozheng pretended to be indifferent on the surface, washing clothes and doing housework on his own, but he cared very much in his heart. He paid attention to the movements of Zheng Wei and others. After hearing that Zheng Wei was about to undress, he finally couldn’t help but walked to Zheng Wei and pulled her away.

Zheng Wei was happy when he saw Chen Xiaozheng’s reaction. She ridiculed Chen Xiaozheng a few words with the aggressive method, and Chen Xiaozheng was speechless in a few moments by Zheng Wei. Zheng Wei took advantage of the opportunity to stick into Chen Xiaozheng’s arms and took the initiative to ask him to be his boyfriend, claiming to be his girlfriend. Chen Xiaozheng did not refuse, but he did not respond to Zheng Wei either. He just stood there blankly, not knowing where to put his hands.

When Zheng Wei saw that Chen Xiaozheng had not resisted, he knew their relationship, even if he had not received verbal confirmation, he was already like a couple and could get close. While Zheng Wei was so happy, Lin Jing watched all this from a distance. He knew that Zheng Wei liked other boys, and his heart was cut.

After Zheng Wei and Chen Xiaozheng were together, the two went to study together. Zheng Wei has always disliked learning. He constantly harassed Chen Xiaozheng in the study room. Chen Xiaozheng ignored her, so she just ate and made noise. Chen Xiaozheng gently educated Zheng Wei a few words. Zheng Wei was a little unhappy. Chen Xiaozheng felt that he seemed to have said too much. He apologized to explain his persistence in academics and his dedication to architecture. After Zheng Wei listened, he began to feel Chen Xiaozheng’s mood. Under the guidance of Chen Xiaozheng, Zheng Wei began to study his homework seriously.

It was Zheng Wei’s birthday again in an instant, and everyone gave her gifts and blessings. Chen Xiaozheng was late to work on the grounds of doing projects with teachers. When it was Xu Kaiyang’s turn to give gifts, Xu Kaiyang took out the ceramic decorations and a precious necklace that he had given to Zheng Wei before. Zheng Wei saw it and felt embarrassed, so he wanted to return the necklace to him. Xu Kaiyang refused to comply and forced Zheng Wei, and then kissed Zheng Wei, saying that if she thinks something is valuable, she will take the kiss as a gift.

After Kai Yang kissed Zheng Wei, the atmosphere was very embarrassing, and friends all rounded it up for them. Chen Xiaozheng held the small gift in his pocket and was embarrassed to take it out. After seeing Zheng Wei being kissed, his mood was even more disturbed. He turned around and left on the grounds of continuing to find a teacher for the project.

Zheng Wei insisted on returning the necklace to Xu Kaiyang, and Xu Kaiyang no longer insisted, but hoped that Zheng Wei could accept the Sleeping Beauty decoration, Zheng Wei agreed. Zhu Xiaobei looked at him and felt heartache for Xu Kaiyang. This ornament was once thrown into the water by Kaiyang because of his anger, and then he lost his anger. Kaiyang himself went into the water and touched it back. At that time, Zhu Xiaobei went into the water with Kaiyang.

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