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128 Incident

128 Incident
Other Title: 铁血淞沪 / Tie xie song hu

Genres: drama, Period, war
China Mainland
Sang Hua
Guo Xiao Guang
Release Date: 
July 9, 2016
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  • Zhu Yuchen as Zhang Shixun
  • Wan Qian as Zhou Huping
  • Sun Zhihong as Fu Zibai
  • Liu Yi as Gu Xinyue
  • Liu Xin as Chen Feng
  • Zhu Feng as Tan Julu
  • Zhao Zhao as Yoshiko Kawashima

After the September 18th Incident, Shanghai Ocean Field was perilous. General Zhang of Nanjing received the intelligence, in the intelligence, the Japanese army targeted the 19th Route Army stationed in Shanghai. Zhou Huping, an underground member of the Communist Party of China, was ordered to Shanghai as a special commissioner of General Zhang. Nineteenth Route Army.

General Zhang’s love son, Zhang Shixun, admired Zhou Huping and followed all the way. The Zhou family in the alley of Zhabei came into people’s sight: old tailor Zhou Maolin, eldest brother Hu Guo, Hu Ping running between the KMT and the Communist Party, Shanghai student and younger sister Hu Lian, who is a professional magician who is actually a killer of Kang Longtang. Zhou Huping quickly realized that the situation was far more complicated than imagined.

The Japanese army planned and carried out a number of conspiracies. With the assistance of Zhou Huping and underground party comrades, the 19th Route Army resolved the crisis repeatedly. On the evening of January 28, 1932, the Japanese army launched the long-planned war against Shanghai. Zhou Huguo went further and further on the road of traitors, and Zhang Shixun grew up as a determined patriot. Inspired by Zhou Huping, the rest of the Zhou family joined the bloody Shanghai people’s resistance to Japan.

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