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Xin Jin Ping Mei Episode 5 End Recap

Li Ping’er, the child who died, got frustrated, ran around the street and drowned in the river. In order to fight for the family property, Wu Yueniang, Wu Yueniang, and her brother Wu Erjiu, gave Ximenqing a golden gun to stop the medicine.

After having sex with Ximenqing, Ximenqing died suddenly and was dying, but was hit by Chunmei at this time. In order to kill her, Wu Erjie went to kill Chunmei. Chunmei asked him to have sex with her before killing herself. Wu gave Chunmei money and let her go. Chunmei finally married a high-ranking official. A funeral was held in the Ximen Mansion. Wu Yueniang and Wu Erjie burned Ximen Qinghuo to death.

One night, Chen Jingjing took Pan Jinlian and escaped, but was beaten to death by Wu Yueniang’s brother, and Pan Jinlian was sold into a brothel by them. Wu Song accidentally ran into Pan Jinlian and rescued her, but Pan Jinlian suffered from her unbearable past and attempted to commit suicide by cutting her wrists…

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