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Xin Jin Ping Mei Episode 4 Recap

Ximen Qing called all his wives and concubines to the lobby to discuss matters and announced that Li Ping’er was pregnant. Ximenqing took Li Ping’er to the temple to offer incense, but was injured by the son of Taiwei Gao Qiu. Qin’er was caught by the government and sent back. Ximenqing hung him up and beat him, and finally was hit and killed by Ximenqing on a pillar in the lobby. When Chen Jingji visited Wu Song, Wu Song escaped on the construction site in Cangzhou.

As Ximenqing drank aphrodisiac wine and had too much sex, his health became weaker and weaker. He went to see a doctor. The female doctor was Jiang Zhushan’s sister Jiang Huilian, who secretly poisoned Ximenqing. One day, Chen Jingji came back from Cangzhou to Pan Jinlian’s life, and took the opportunity to have a house with Pan Jinlian. At this moment, Xi Menqing knocked on the door, Chunmei pretended to be insulted by Chen Jingji, Ximen Qing just scolded him after seeing him. thing.

Jiang Huilian went to see Ximenqing, Ximenqing took the opportunity to rape Jiang Huilian, and Jiang Huilian scratched the skin on his back, smeared with poison, Jiang Huilian was also scratched by Ximenqing, cross-infected with the virus. A few days later, Ximenqing became ill and went to see a doctor, but the doctor was unable to detoxify. A few days later, Li Ping’er gave birth to a baby boy, and Ximen Qing feasted. While they were all going to greet the guests, Jiang Zhushan took Ximen Qing’s son and fell to death. Ximen Qing was angry. Killed Jiang Zhushan, but since then he has become like a sick cat.

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