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Xin Jin Ping Mei Episode 3 Recap

Chunmei seduced Chen Jingji while sexually abused him. The reason why Chen Jingji is strong is because he drank a type of aphrodisiac wine, but too much of that kind of wine damaged the body. Chunmei ordered several bottles from him and planned to drink it for Ximen Qing, and told Pan Jinlian that this trick was Kill the tough guy with a soft knife. Li Ping’er became ill because of the death of her husband Hua Zixu. Doctor Jiang Zhushan came to treat him and pointed out that she was suffering from a heart disease.

The two of them had a good heart and got married quickly. After Ximen Qing learned the news, he sent a lion dancer to make trouble. Tripped and trapped Jiang Zhushan in the firecrackers, disfigured his face and went blind. That night, Ximenqing slipped into Jiang Zhushan’s house and made Li Ping’er favor with his rhetoric.

The next day he married Li Ping’er, but that night Ximen Qing He did not share the same room with Li Ping’er, but was happy in Lichunyuan. He called Jiang Zhushan and told Jiang Zhushan to go to the backyard of Li Ping’er’s room to sing. After Li Ping’er heard it, he came out to check, and Jiang Zhushan persuaded Li Ping’er to leave. In a place of right and wrong, Li Ping’er refused to listen and beat Jiang Zhushan. Jiang Zhushan was rescued by Chunmei.

After Li Ping’er returned to the room, he committed suicide by throwing himself into a well and was rescued by the young man. In order to retaliate against Ximenqing, Jiang Zhushan gave Chunmei a bottle of aphrodisiac wine and annealing soup. After drinking the former, he drank the latter, causing people to fall from the fire into the ice cave, asking her to wait for an opportunity to drink to Ximenqing, killing him. Ximen Qing. Pan Jinlian asked her lover Chen Jingji to inquire about and help solve Wu Song’s affairs.

On the evening when Ximenqing went out to do errands, Chen Jinglian drugged his wife and committed adultery with Pan Jinlian and Chunmei, but their behavior was secretly seen by Xiaoqing Qin’er. Er seized the opportunity to blackmail Chen Jiji and offered to go to bed with Pan Jinlian or tell Ximen Qing. Ximenqing went to Bianliang on a business trip. One night, he had a drink with friends in the brothel Fengyuelou.

After getting drunk, he went to the bathroom and fought with Taiwei Gaoli’s son Gao Yanei. After Gao Yanei returned, he brought people to catch Ximen Qing, who had already slipped away. One day, the second mother Li Jiaoer saw Qin’er masturbating and calling Wu Niang Pan Jinlian’s name in the yard. Li Jiaoer told Ximenqing’s other wives and concubines about this. All the wives and concubines called Qin’er to torture Qin’er. Pan Jinlian died and brought Qin’er to Ximenqing to complain.

Ximenqing summoned all his wives, Qin’er, and Chunmei to investigate the matter face to face. Qin’er insisted that it was Erniang Li Jiaoer asking him to blame Wuniang Pan Jinlian. At this time, Chen Jingji came in and stood by Pan Jinlian’s side. When talking, Ximenqing beat Li Jiaoer and locked Qin’er. After the matter was over, Chunmei poured the aphrodisiac wine Jiang Zhushan gave her to Ximenqing. After Ximenqing drank it, she had a strong sexual desire and had sex with Chunmei and Pan Jinlian.

In the evening, Chunmei secretly gave Qin’er food, was followed by Li Jiaoer secretly, calling “coming man” outside the door, Pan Jinlian stunned her with a stick behind her, and the three teamed up to kill Li Jiaoer , Thrown into the well. Chunmei and Pan Jinlian let Qin’er go, and left a hairpin belonging to Erniang Li Jiao’er in the firewood room, making Ximenqing mistakenly believe that Li Jiao’er and Qin’er escaped together. Pan Jinlian collected the silver and gave it to Chen Jingji, and asked Chen Jingji to go to Cangzhou to rescue Wusong.

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