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Xin Jin Ping Mei Episode 2 Recap

Ximenqing’s son-in-law brought his family to join him. Wu Yueniang said that they had committed a crime and should not take them in to avoid being implicated. Ximenqing planned to take them in because they brought property. Ximen Qing, Hua Zixu and Earl Ying waited to drink flower wine in the Lichunyuan of the brothel, and asked them to help solve the criminal case of his son-in-law. Hua Zixu was so drunk that he was helped by Ximen Qing and sent home. He saw him at Huazixu’s house. When he arrived at Huazixu’s wife, Li Ping’er, she took the opportunity to hook up with Li Ping’er.

Li Ping’er saw the romantic character of Ximen Qing and did not stop him from invading. After Ximenqing went home, she went to sleep in Pan Jinlian’s room. She saw the maid Chunmei cleaning the room. He asked Chunmei to make the bed, and took the opportunity to rape Chunmei. Chunmei sharpened her sword and committed suicide, but Pan Jinlian stopped her and persuaded her to live to avenge her revenge.

Ximenqing drank with Huazixu and Earl Ying in Lichunyuan. The three also became brothers. Ximenqing invited them to stay in Lichunyuan, and rode to Huazixu’s home and Li Ping’er. For adultery, Hua Zixu was afraid of being innocent, afraid that Li Ping’er would scold him, and hurried home to see his wife Li Ping’er and Ximen Qing having sex on the bed. Hua Zixu planned to fight with Ximen Qing, but Li Ping’er stunned him with a vase After Hua Zixu woke up, Li Ping’er splashed, and Hua Zixu had to admit defeat.

After Wu Song was dispatched to Cangzhou, he sent a letter to Pan Jinlian. After Pan Jinlian read the letter, the letter was peeked by the fourth mother, Sun Xue’e. Sun Xue’e beat Chunmei badly and filed a complaint in front of Ximenqing. Ximenqing beat Pan Jinlian. After a meal, and led Sun Xue’e to look for evidence together, it was not found. Sun Xue’e was blasted away by Ximen Qing, and Pan Jinlian took the opportunity to act like a baby, and asked Xi Menqing to visit Chunmei, the injured maid.

Chunmei complained in front of Ximenqing and said a lot of bad things about the fourth mother, Sun Xue’e. After Ximen Qing heard about it, she was furious, and when Siniang Sun Xuee beat her up, the clubs interrupted her. Sun Xuee was seriously injured and overturned the oil tank. Sparks fell on her and burned her to death.

One day, Pan Jinlian took a nap on the balcony and woke up from a nightmare. Ximenqing’s son-in-law, Chen Jingji, told her that he had secretly collected the letter for her and asked him to pick it up at the woodshed at night, and then took it in the woodshed The letter threatened to commit adultery with Pan Jinlian. After Pan Jinlian returned to the house, she told Chunmei that she had been raped by Chen Jinlian. Ximenqing and his brothers, Hua Zixu and Earl Ying, drank in the Lichunyuan together, and treated them again, but he slipped to Hua Zixu’s house and committed adultery with Li Ping’er.

Hua Zixu and Earl Ying quietly returned home together and captured the two of them He was in bed, but Earl Ying turned back temporarily and stood on Ximenqing’s side. Ximenqing and Huazixu turned their faces, and Huazixu went to report to the officer at night, and was injured by Ximenqing’s servant at the door. Ximenqing went home and told him Wu Yueniang in the main room. Huazixu was seriously ill and died a few days later. One night, Chen Jingji slipped into Pan Jinlian’s house, and she dismissed Chunmei, the maidservant, and had sex with Pan Jinlian. Chunmei suddenly appeared and teased Chen Jinglian and the two adultery.

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