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Xin Jin Ping Mei Episode 1 Recap

Northern Song Dynasty. Pan Jinlian was a maid to the landlord’s house and was raped by the landlord. He was punished for being caught and raped by the landlord’s wife. She married Wu Dalang, the ugliest man in the area. Wu Dalang was short in stature and had poor sexual intercourse ability. Pan Jinlian’s libido. Ximenqing raised the curtain at Wang’s house and watched Pan Jinlian take a shower. He was very excited and determined to get Pan Jinlian.

After Wu Dalang’s younger brother Wu Song killed a tiger in Jingyanggang, Yanggu County, he was appointed the head of the county. When he returned home, Pan Jinlian saw that he was handsome, tall, and admired, and often teased him with words and behavior. Wu Song was upright and violent, ignored him, and left home, Pan Jinlian admired this indomitable man even more. After Wang Po learned of Ximenqing’s feelings, she provided them to Ximenqing and Pan Jinlian in the name of a female knitting worker who was studying knitting.

After the pear seller Yun found out, she told Wu Dalang. Wu Dalang went to catch the traitor, but was kicked over by Ximen Qing and was ill in bed. Pan Jinlian, Ximenqing, and Wang Po poisoned Wu Dalang to death. After Wu Song went home, seeing his brother died unjustly, he decided to find Wang Po and Ximen Qing to take revenge. Wu Song had never seen Ximen Qing. He held Wang Po and asked Wang Po to identify Xi Men Qing. Wang Po deliberately pointed at the wrong person. That person was killed by Wu Song. Wu Song was also arrested and tattooed.

Wang Po told the news to Pan Jinlian. In order to save Wu Song, Pan Jinlian married Ximen Qing as a concubine, ranking fifth. After Pan Jinlian started, Ximenqing’s main room Wu Yueniang bestowed on her a maid Chunmei. Pan Jinlian was bullied by Ximenqing’s wife and concubines, and she wanted to hang herself because of Bailian, but was stopped by Ximenqing.

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