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Necrotic Contamination

Necrotic contamination
Other Title: 屍病污染

Genres: drama, Horror
Keiji Inafune
Release Date: 
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  • Yoshida Daiki
  • Yazaki Hiroshi

In the next year, the shadow of death will loom over the world. A terrorist virus broke out, causing all the dead to become bloodthirsty, inhumane horror zombies. They were silent during the day, but at night they came to look for alive people everywhere. The zombie chaos is sweeping the world, and governments of various countries have introduced corresponding countermeasures. One of them is to set up a quarantine area to stop the spread of zombie virus.

Unfortunately, the two brothers Xin and George were trapped in the quarantine area. In a small world that is isolated from the world and full of crises, the ugly side of human nature emerges unscrupulously. The two good brothers not only have to avoid lost attacks, but also always guard against attacks from evil humans. The horrible long night, life is fragile and perishable…

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