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War Flowers 乱世丽人行 Episode 25 Recap

Han Shuying and Xie Ruoxue hurriedly rushed over to drive away the Japanese children. In order to avoid being bullied by Japanese children in the neighborhood, Han Shuying decided to send Xie Jiadong to the church and let her mother-in-law help her take care of her family. It happened that the mother-in-law played well, so mother-in-law Xie Jiadong stayed to accompany the choir. Xie Jiadong noticed the mysterious behavior of the church cleaners when playing with the church children.

Wang Jianan and Li Wenxuan discussed the anti-Japanese things and walked together until midnight. Seeing this, Xie Ruoxue was jealous and asked Li Wenxuan and Wang Jianan what they had done. Li Wenxuan refused to answer on the grounds that the organization’s secret was involved. Xie Ruoxue was very angry. Explained to Xie Ruoxue that a female student in a dormitory Xie Ruoxue, Li Wenxuan refused to tell her, because it involves some secrets, it is impossible to know unless it is a member of the organization. Knowing this, Xie Ruoxue wanted to join the organization, but was ridiculed by Wang Jianan.

When Wang Jianan received the task assigned by the organization, he wanted to pretend to be a communicator and send a pistol to the designated person. Wang Jianan has not received professional training since he was a child, and wearing high heels has been very uncomfortable, not to mention the ballroom dance when he dressed as a flower. In desperation, she thought of Xie Ruoxue. She told Xie Ruoxue that as long as she helped herself complete this task, she agreed to join her. Under her radical law, Xie Ruoxue agreed, but Wang Jianan did not tell Xie Ruoxue to send It was a gun. The Japanese wanted to establish the Shanghai Business Association.

Xie Tianci was appointed as the president of the association, and he was given the opportunity to confiscate property if he was unwilling to cooperate with the Japanese. Xie Tianci’s friend Zhu Xianan invited Xie Tianci to a dance party. Xie Tianci pretended that he was not suitable for Fengyue and did not agree. At the dance party, Takeshina Nan noticed Xie Ruoxue who came to perform the task and stepped up to talk, but was gently rejected by Xie Ruoxue.

However, Takeshita Nan pulled Xie Ruoxue directly to dance regardless of it, and after the dance, she continued to ask for information such as Xie Ruoxue’s address and invited her to participate in the horse race. Xie Ruoxue escaped from the dance hall on the pretext of passing the bathroom, passing by the contact person of the task. Xie Ruoxue returned home and told Han Shuying that he had accepted the task and that the Japanese were staring at it. Han Shuying opened her bag and found that there was a gun inside. The two sisters were terrified.

Han Shuying decided to hide the gun first, but in a panic they missed a bullet and did not hide it. Takeshita Nan quickly found them and looked around in the small building. Soon, the bullet they missed was found by Takeshita Nan. In order to save Sister Xie Ruoxue, old Jack committed a crime for them. The Japanese decided to arrest him. Old Jack said that he should dress appropriately no matter where he went, so he had to change

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