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How to Train Your Dragon

How to Train Your Dragon (Anime)
Other Name: 馴龍高手, How to Train Your Dragon (馴龍高手)

Genres: Anime, Family, Fantasy
Europe and America
Chris Sanders

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The young Hiccup of the Virgin Islands (voiced by Jay Baruchel) is the son of the great tribal leader Storyk (voiced by Gerard Butler). He really wants to slaughter himself like his father. Dragons-these flying dragons are the main natural enemies of the Vikings herding sheep on the island-but every time he appears in the tribe’s battle of slaying dragons, it only adds to the troubles of everyone. In a battle against a flying dragon, Hicarp secretly wounded one of the most mysterious “Night Fury Dragon” with a dragon shooter, and released the dragon with his tribe on his back, raised it, and even tamed the dragon, and gave it a name. “Toothless”.

Hikap’s mysterious behavior aroused the suspicion of Astrid (voiced by AmericaFerrera), a girl who also trained dragon slaying skills. Astrid discovered Hikap’s secret, but at the same time was shocked by the wonderful experience of riding a “toothless” flying in the wind. Gray decided to clarify the truth to Storyk and the tribe who had returned from the expedition at the Dragon Slaying Ceremony, and persuaded everyone to give up the dragon slaying. However, he became self-defeating and made “Toothless” captured. A greater disaster is in sight… …

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