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Xin Jin Ping Mei 新金瓶梅

Xin Jin Ping Mei
Other Title: 新金瓶梅 / Sex & Chopstick

Genres: drama
Tan Ming, Lai Shuiqing
Liang Liren
Release Date: 
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  • Shan Liwen
  • Yang Simin
  • Gu Guanzhong
  • Ye Xianer
  • Cai Meiyou

The story takes place in Qinghe County in the Northern Song Dynasty. Ximenqing (played by Shan Liwen) is a famous and romantic person in the local area. Although the family is like a group of wives and concubines, he still can’t bear the urge to go out to find flowers and ask Liu through Wang Po (played by Cai Meiyou) According to the introduction, he met a beautiful woman named Pan Jinlian (played by Yang Simin).

Pan Jinlian has a secret love for Wu Song (Gu Guanzhong), who is tall and magnificent, and has no choice but to fall into the flowers intentionally and ruthlessly. In the end, she marries Wu Song’s ugly brother. When Pan Jinlian, who was suppressing his lust in his heart, first saw Ximen Qing, the feelings between the two were out of control like a thunder and fire. Pan Jinlian and Ximen Qing conspired to design her husband to death. Hearing the news of his brother’s death, Wu Song intuitively felt that there was a fraud, but impulsively beat the person to death and imprisoned him. At the same time, Pan Jinlian stayed in the Ximen Mansion and joined the team of the Ximen Qing family’s women fighting over and over.

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