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VIP System Beauty Boys Club

VIP System Beauty Boys Club (Novel)
Other Name: VIP制美男社

Genre: novel
Author: Qian Xi
Year: 2014
Chapter: N/A
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[Blank Club] One day I went to sell fried dough sticks. The first time I got the invitation to the Saint Zero Academy, I got the free treatment of the most popular VIP system in the Noble Academy for the second time, and the third time it was It doesn’t cost money to go to that school,…

Free Reading Highlights:
Qing Moses, dear, Mo Se, this name was taken by our hostess She Ba Ba, but Mo Se Mo Se, but still lustful.

Do you know that her Baba, Ma Ma, and Mao gave her this name? She was surprised to say that less than a month after she was born, she was hugged by a big brother. She actually stuck to that big brother. Fortunately, the big brother ate tofu on his body, and her saliva flowed to her chin…

So, since then, her Baba Mama decided to take this name to help her ward off evil spirits.

Highlight: One day, a woman went to buy fried dough sticks and found that her elderly grandfather had become a handsome middle-aged man, but what kind of activity is this? You can still draw a lottery if you buy fried dough sticks? But can you stop being so nonsense? Is she too lucky?

In the first lottery, I got an invitation to Saint Zero Academy. In the second time I got the free treatment from the most popular VIP system in the Noble Academy. The third time I went to that school without spending money and providing food for free. And need supplies.

Is she really lucky to step on shit? Don’t bring this? She doesn’t want to go. Although there are so many beautiful men there, it makes her drool, but these seven great demons are so terrible, how can she choose?

One is very cold in front of the crowd, but is so evil in front of her, one is a playboy, one is a wife, one is a violent man, one is a gentle prince charming, one is an iceberg, huh, these six are too abnormal. .

After all, it was the last one that was normal, but who knows, it was pretty normal in the morning, but in the evening…

“Xiao Ye Ye, I’m going to kiss you.” A certain ladyboy’s mouth was covered with lipstick, she also put on foundation, rushed towards Yemen violently, and gave a big hug.

A certain woman stayed, and in the end, only heard a noise… The room was messy, and a certain ladyboy came up with all four feet upside down.

The most abnormal thing is that the black-bellied man asks her to bathe and get rid of every day. She is a woman, a woman!

“Last point…well, yes, right here, rub more vigorously.” A certain man is enjoying the special treatment of a certain woman at the moment, helping him wipe his back.

Chapter 001: The best baba is gone

Today is a good weather. Dogs don’t bark, cats don’t make trouble, rainstorms, squally winds, chickens and birds resonate, all around are fragrant and charming, and the morning is so refreshing.

Qing Mose just emerged from the book of the beautiful boy magazine, the messy room, if it weren’t for a lot of beautiful boy magazines and beautiful boy posters in her room, others would think it was a boy’s room.

Last night, Qing Moshe immersed her head in a beautiful boy magazine for two hours, and then watched decisively as she fell asleep. This is not the point, because her sleeping posture was so bad, so when she rolled around, The leg just kicked the 80 cm tall men’s magazine piled beside the bed, and then buried her gorgeously.

She rubbed her eyes in a daze. She is a new generation born in the 90s. Good-looking girls are her appearance, loli is her mark, rotten girls are her title, erotic girls are her label, and beautiful men are her pleasure.

She is sixteen years old this year, but she has a family that is nothing more than usual. It is very warm, but I have to say that her family is really Tai Chi, and her Baba Mama is really a national treasure. It is not only a piece of cake, but also abstract.

She pushed aside the beautiful boy magazine, combed her hair in front of the mirror, and then put on a thin bat suit.

It’s summer, and from time to time I hear outsiders calling out.

After washing, she walked into the living room, only to find that Baba and Ma Ma were not there. If it were normal, she would definitely be grabbing breakfast there, but how strange today is it?

I walked in and found out that Baba Ma Ma left a note for her:

Dear baby girl, when you bought breakfast today, Baba was lucky enough to get a free travel voucher to Hawaii. We left early. The tuition and living expenses for the past few days depend on your own earning, and neither It’s too small… (nonsense is omitted)

Dear daughter, Baba is gone, you have to take good care of yourself=3=

After reading the content of the note, she was full of emotions. Is she going to be excited? Still excited? Still excited?

Finally I can go to the nightclub to have a beautiful boy, finally I can go to the beautiful boy’s concert, and finally I can stay up all night, and finally…

Hey, but now there is still a key question, that is…

How can she earn her living expenses and tuition? Besides, Baba Mama didn’t tell me when to come back. How could this be good?

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