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UIS Campus Journal

UIS Campus Journal
Other Name: U.I.S校园日志

Genre: novel, Korean, Youth
Author: Summer leisurely
Year: 2013
Chapter: N/A
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The 498th refusal…… the 499th refusal…… the 500th refusal!!! How could this happen?! 500 applications, 500 applications were rejected, U.S. I. The S search brigade is still closed! Do you want to give up? No, Yao Ruoye, I don’t believe it. I must successfully join the elite U.S. team for the 501st time. I. S! Finally, 100% persistence impressed the captain who was as cold as an iceberg. Who knows, as soon as I joined U.S. I. S, came into contact with the nightmare related to the murder of his parents. They transformed into human form and mixed into the crowd. Damn, you bad guys, let this lady walk the way for the sky on behalf of the moon and destroy you! At this moment, a bolt from the blue sky came unexpectedly. The captain who has been secretly in love with him is actually related to the nightmare! Is he an enemy or a friend? Where will everything that get out of control take me…

Free Reading Highlights:
This is a quiet night.

There was a stinging chill in the thin, cool air, as if it was going to penetrate the human heart. The moon hung obliquely in the dark sky, emitting a tragic yellow light. The night is like a heavy black velvet curtain, spreading out with hazy clouds.

Everything around seemed to fall into a drowsiness, and it was so quiet that it was a little frightening.



Suddenly, a few strange squeaks broke the silence of the night and echoed abruptly in the air.

The little girl lying on the princess bed was startled, she opened her eyes in a daze.

It’s late, why is there a strange noise?

The girl stretched out her little fleshy hand, rubbed her sleepy eyes, and climbed out of the bed with her beloved doll and walked to the door. She stood on tiptoe hard, unscrewing the lock with some effort.

The door creaked open, and the cold air immediately leaked in through the gap.

The girl walked out and followed the dim passage to the living room. The moon outside the window gave off a pale cold light and enveloped the entire living room through the window. There seemed to be an extremely unusual breath in the air, and there was a faint sound whirling.

The girl shrank her shoulders involuntarily, shivered, and reached out to support the wall on the side. She saw a couple lying on the floor, motionless, as if unconscious.

they are……

“Mom and Dad!” The girl threw away the doll in her arms, rushed to the couple’s side, holding their arms and shouting, “Wake up!”

However, no matter how she called, the couple still did not respond, and their bodies had become slightly cold.


Suddenly, the girl heard crisp footsteps. She hurriedly turned her head and saw a blonde woman approaching, her golden curly hair hanging down to her waist gleaming in the moonlight.

“Who are you?” Looking at the strange blonde woman in front of her, the girl opened her eyes wide, and her voice trembled with fear.

The fascinating face of the blond woman revealed a fascinating ghostly atmosphere, which is a force that humans cannot possess. When she saw the horror in the girl’s eyes, an elusive smile came to the corner of her mouth.

“My name is Nightmare.”

“Nightmare?” The girl glanced at her parents who were lying motionless on the floor, and became more and more frightened. “What happened to Mom and Dad?”

“They’re asleep.” The blond woman approached her a little, her bright red lips closed and she made a seductive voice, “Come with me…I will give you sweets and a cute doll…”

The girl looked sideways at her parents who were lying on the ground, and then at the woman in front of her, as if suddenly realizing something, she curled up and shrank back.

no, do not want……

She looked at the woman who was a little closer in horror, trying to call for help but couldn’t make a sound.

“Come… don’t be afraid…” The blonde woman stretched out a pair of dry and pale hands, and the long scarlet nails showed a ghostly red light, as if stained with blood, as if to swallow all the surrounding creatures.

“Come, come to me…”



Yao Ruoye screamed and woke up from the nightmare. She stared at the ceiling motionlessly with her eyes wide open, her white forehead was covered with fine beads of sweat, and her nose flaps fast-paced because of her violent gasping.

She stopped thinking for a while before she turned her head and looked around.

The breeze gently blew the white curtains, the warm sunlight in the morning covered the entire room with a layer of pale yellow tulle, and the indicator lights on the computer screen were still flashing.

It turned out to be dreaming…but why is this dream again…

I don’t know when Yao Ruoye began to have the same nightmare repeatedly. The horror scene in the dream is so real, so unbearable to look back, bringing her back to the terrible night ten years ago again and again.

Patting his head hard, Yao Ruoye seemed to want to throw those memories out of his head.

She got up and sat up, glancing at the picture frame on the bedside table. In the photo, there is a young and kind couple cuddling affectionately, showing happy and content smiles.

“Dad, mother, good morning!” Yao Ruoye stretched out his fingers and gently stroked the couple’s faces, and forced a smile mixed with a bit of bitterness, “I dreamed of you again… Don’t worry, I must pass the U I.S, take revenge for you!”

Her voice was not very loud, but it was firm.

A ray of sunlight shines through the gap between the curtains and spilled onto the desk by the window, reflecting a faint halo, making the piece of paper on the desk particularly eye-catching. Three large characters are written hard on the top of the paper, and the simple strokes have been traced back and forth many times.

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