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Four Beautiful Men from the V Family

Four Beautiful Men from the V Family (Novel)
Other Name: V家四美男下载

Genre: novel
Author: Lovely Joe
Year: 2013
Chapter: N/A
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OMG! I just want to graduate safely, how can so many things happen! Handsome guy? Sorry, I don’t have a cold for handsome guys. Four? Sorry, none of the eight handsome guys have a cold! Sisters nympho, please let me go! …

Free Reading Highlights:
V Family Four Beautiful Men – The night was black and windy, the city was shrouded in darkness, and the street lights could not illuminate the entire city.

In a large villa, candles filled the entire space, and four slender figures looked at the notebook in front of them in different poses.

“It’s really troublesome, there’s one minute left.” Lin Xingchen’s slender fingers tapped on the keyboard, a look of dissatisfaction appeared on his face.

Gong Yihan smiled, tapping her fingers on the glass tabletop of the coffee table in a bewitching manner and said faintly: “57 seconds.”

Leaning against the wall, Mu Jingyan put one hand on his chest and one hand against his chin. He squinted his eyes, and the glass lens on his eye socket gave out a gleam of light.

The long-haired Han Lingying lay lazily on the sofa, her eyes slightly closed.

“Last 10 seconds.” Lin Xingchen exclaimed excitedly, “10, 9, 8, 7, 6…”

“Wait!” Mu Jingyan walked to the notebook and pressed the Enter key, moving his hands cleverly on the keyboard.

“Hey! It’s 4 seconds away, the computer is almost out of power!” Lin Xingchen dissatisfiedly pulled Mu Jingyan’s sleeve and said angrily.

Gong Yihan pulled the frantic Lin Xingchen and said indifferently, “There is no electricity in the world in 4 seconds.”

“Where is such an exaggeration, let me go!” Lin Xingchen struggled with Gong Yihan’s claws, but he was too powerful.

“It’s so noisy!” A faint complaint made Lin Xingchen stop struggling.

“Be quiet, he woke up and we all suffered!” Lin Xingchen muttered, covering his mouth.

Gong Yihan gave him a glance and threw him into the corner and stared at the computer screen.

“How’s it going?” A lazy voice came from Han Lingying’s mouth. He still closed his eyes, his voice did not fluctuate at all.

“You’ll go to bed again, I guess there will be electricity when you wake up.” Gong Yihan said with a smile.

In a small apartment, a girl with a ponytail kept tapping on the keyboard, her eyebrows frowned, and her mouth kept shattering thoughts: “Damn it, damn it, dare to stop the program I designed, and you will kill you. “

“Chixiaodou!” Suddenly, the computer screen went black, and a gentleman with black hair wearing thin-frame glasses appeared on the computer screen, smiling very softly, but it was a little dangerous.

Uh, Chi Xiaodou was stunned, then closed the notebook, blinked, adjusted to the darkness and patted her breast, how did Nima be discovered! ?

She just slapped the four boys boringly, who told them to punish her usually too!

So Xiao Xiao designed a power-off program and sent it to the school’s power supply room, just to hack the power network of the villa manor where the four boys lived. When she was happy, she didn’t expect that the apartment she lived in would also be powered blacken……

Ding Ding Ding…

The phone bell rang happily, Chi Xiaodou took out the phone and looked at the display, oh my god, it was from the cold and hot Gong Yihan!

With a trembling hand, he pressed the answer button: “Chixiaodou, we will save you electricity bills. Don’t use electricity for the time being this month. Don’t thank us.”

“…” The phone was hung up.

Chi Xiaodou shook off the phone, opened the notebook, and continued to tinker with the program. She was also a computer expert anyway, how could she be manipulated by them?

“Four beautiful men from the v family, I’m pooh!”

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