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Spy (2015)

Spy (2015)
Other Title: 스파이 / Seupai

Genres: drama, Action, thriller, family, romance
South Korea
Park Hyun Suk
Han Sang Woon, Lee Kang
Release Date: 
Jan 09, 2016
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  • Kim Jae Joong as Kim Sun Woo
  • Go Woo Rim as young Kim Sun Woo
  • Bae Jong Ok as Park Hye Rim
  • Yoo Oh Sung as Hwang Ki Chul
  • Go Sung Hee as Lee Yoon Jin
  • Kim Min Jae as Song Joong Hyuk
  • Jo Dal Hwan as Kim Hyun Tae
  • Ryu Hye Young as No Eun Ah

A drama about a mother who risks everything for her son and the son who discovers his mother′s hidden past. The story follows the lives of Kim Sun Woo and his mother Park Hye Rim. Kim Sun Woo is an agent in the National Intelligence Service, while Park Hye Rim was a former spy from North Korea.

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