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UI Programmer

UI Programmer
Other Name: UI程序员

Genre: novel, Science, Fiction, Supernatural
Author: Bridge soldiers wanderers
Year: 2014
Chapter: N/A
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When race reproduction is on the agenda, everything is different. Especially when encountering races that are not a problem for race reproduction, what should we do? Although everything is not white or black, black, white and gray must exist, and there are more than three kinds. Liang Dong, who was originally dormant, became a unique banner due to an accident. Cong Shu’s tenderness is like water, it is Liang Dong’s home. People are here, home is there, people are there, home is there, it seems simple, if there is no place for home, what should we do………

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Hao Li February 9998.

In the direction of Haoyue Mainland, South China Sea and Wuming Island.

Liang Dong was sitting in the floating car, uncomfortable, staring straight ahead, why the damn nameless island hasn’t appeared yet.

It was Congshu who drove, which was also the reason why Liang Dong was uncomfortable. Cong Shu is the product manager, and Liang Dong is the programmer. This is not the point, the point is that Shu is responsible for the UI, and Liang Dong is the UI programmer.

After the completion of the silicon element vaporization polymerization project of Feiyuan Company, the project members were arranged to travel according to the rules, and the tourist locations were also collected according to the rules. Liang Dong was very curious about the Wuming Island and wrote about it.

Unexpectedly, the boss of the General Department personally invited him to dinner. When he learned the reason, Liang Dong almost chopped off his hand. Only he responded to the call. Every time the Department of General Affairs arranges a trip, it will be scolded. It is difficult to adjust, and people are scolded everywhere.

This time, the new employee helped solve the problem, and it was only natural to have a dinner, because the record of cursing every three years was broken. After the meal, the boss of the General Department kept running, and immediately found the former boss of the General Department, who had been promoted to vice chairman, to honor the betting agreement that year.

There are many product managers, but they are odd. There are also many female product managers, which happen to be odd.

No one wants to ride with Liang Dong in a car, because the place he proposed, the comfort of the General Department is gone.

Congshu made a motion while standing, and then there was only one car left, and Liang Dong who was the only one who didn’t bump into her head-on.

So they had to ride the two floating cars together. The two entered the company together, and they had spoken several times, and they were considered acquaintance.

Not long after Shugang got the Piao driving license, she was very interested and concentrated on driving. Liang Dong didn’t say a word, but she didn’t notice much. Since Shu stared at the front, he had never noticed the drifting of his colleagues, but the situation was completely within the controllable range. I didn’t even think about it. You can talk to Liang Dong.

Suddenly, Liang Dong felt that the drifting car fell straight down, as if losing power. As a veteran driver, Liang Dong knows that if a floating car loses power, it is still safe in the car, there will be no accidents, there will be protective equipment when it falls, and it is at sea.

Of course Cong Shu knew, but at this time her operation fully demonstrated the specialty of the novice driver, panicked, bounced out for the first time, and the scream stopped abruptly.

Idiot, Liang Dong cursed in his heart and popped it out, but you put your backpack on your back. Without equipment protection, how could it withstand such a strong force. Whether to save it or not, Liang Dong packed up his equipment quickly and bounced it out.

Liang Dong chose to pop out upright, and without accident, he could receive the falling Congshu.

Accidents don’t always happen. Liang moves out of the car and sees Congshu falling.

Fine-tuned, caught her, she was dizzy, she was wearing all clothes, no equipment, and her teeth and claws. Facing outwards, he hugged him, as if something was stuck, and he held it firmly.

On the sea, the floating car parked there steadily, and the surrounding sea could only land on the oval roof of the floating car.

There was still thirty meters high, and the accident still happened.

Woke up from Shu!

With one hand on his chest, he was a little out of breath, moved slightly, and Liang Dong also relaxed a little.

“What are you doing!” Congshu has never been so close to a strange man, especially when he is held in such a way, embarrassed and angry, “Rogue!”

“Quiet, it’s about to land.” Liang Dong didn’t answer her question, but rather ordered.

You can bear it from Shuna, the product manager, the person who trains others, subconsciously is one elbow, and the middle beam is the front door. Liang Dong’s nose bleeds suddenly, and he can’t help but hold his hands harder, so as not to break free.

Before Su reacted, he kicked suddenly.



The two fell heavily on the roof of the floating car, with the beam moving from the bottom to the top.

Liang Dong’s blood spurted wildly, and he didn’t feel the pain.

Congshu turned over and got off his body, but he could not stand firmly and fell into the sea. At this moment Liang Dong was still conscious, and then threw the backpack strap towards the place where Congshu had fallen.

Cong Shu was fully awake, holding the belt, and didn’t dare to pull it hard, otherwise he would pull the beam down and tie one end of the belt under the floating carriage.

Gradually, she felt a little strength on the strap. With the passage of time, the strength became stronger and stronger, and she slowly climbed onto the roof of the car, but did not see Liang Dong.

Panicked, he took a probe, and Liang Dong was hung on the other side of the car, covered in blood, motionless.

“Liang Dong, what’s the matter with you? Don’t scare me, just climb up quickly.” Cong Shu cried in a hurry and shouted.

After a while, Liang moved still motionless. Dispersed from the soul, slumped on the roof of the car, is it dead, smashed by himself?

Cong Shu finally recovered his composure and had the strength to pull it up first.

Suddenly, the strap lightened, and the beam flew up, like a fallen leaf, lightly falling on the roof of a floating car. Cong Shu staggered and sat on the roof of the car. He only felt his mouth dry and his tongue was bitter. Why did he fly? Isn’t it dead?

A group of green appeared in the field of vision, moving towards Liang Dong. Cong Shu shook his head and took a closer look. It was a woman squatting there, taking off Liang Dong’s equipment one by one.

“Who…who are you?…what are you doing?” Fear completely occupied Congshu, speaking incoherently.

“I have to take him away.” The woman replied lightly.

“No.” Cong Shu subconsciously shouted.

The woman in green stood up and glanced at Congshu.

From Shu Yi shivered, as if he was seen through, he couldn’t help but put his hands across his chest: “What are you doing?…He saved me and died.” Suddenly recalling what the woman said, he stammered and said: “You…you , Take it away? Are you dead?”

“No, I just got out of the body.” The woman said quietly, and then said again, “According to Article 9527, Section 9721 of the Yebang Clause, there is any parental requirement on the planet M9721 to leave the Yebang man, which must be carried out unconditionally. It’s yours.”

Woman, it seems that there is no danger, and she feels a little relieved, and her heart is in a mess, what’s the mess? Unconditional to me?

The woman in green clothes waved her hand, and Liang Dong was wrapped in a cloud of white light. Shao Qing, the white light dissipated, and the woman still had the same accent: “In order not to make you wait too long, I helped him. According to the terms, you need to make a sign for him.”

“Logo? What logo? How to do it?” Cong Shu asked mechanically before he fully recovered from the shock.

“The logo will protect your thoroughness.” The woman said, grabbing Cong Shu’s hand by the way, and gently brushing it, a drop of blood came out of Shu’s fingertips and flew steadily towards Liang Dong’s mouth.

Cong Shu saw his blood coming out of his fingertips, but did not feel any pain, and heard the accent: “The cracks here have been restored, and the car can continue to drive. You can ask him for other questions, but it is better to pass. For a few days, he needs to rest.”

The sound seemed to be getting farther and farther, until Cong Shu felt a little bit cold, that he and Liang Dong were lying motionless on the roof of the floating car.

Piaoxing car had long been restored to control, and the door could be opened, but he was never able to hold Liang into the car. And Liang Dong saved himself from the injury, so he can’t let him lie on the roof of the car alone.

Congshu hugged his knees and sat on the roof of the car in a daze.

This man belongs to me? Can you protect me? What does this mean?

To me? Cong Shu is a little excited, it belongs to me, and he is still alive, I don’t know if I can direct it? She has always wanted to keep a pet, but unfortunately she can’t afford it and can’t keep it.

Cong Shu shook his head vigorously, and suddenly realized that something was wrong. This is a man, not a pet. It belongs to me. What do you think.

How can I marry a man with me? Owned to me means mine to marry him? It’s not mine, it’s me.

“Hey, take him away!” Cong Shuteng stood up, turned around, and shouted.

Shouting on the sea, all I could hear was myself, and there was no echo.

Cong Shu looked down at Liang Dong, who was motionless, with very few beards, sparsely drawn, and his face was barely able to pass. The plaid shirt is actually a plaid shirt, as well as a hat. She didn’t understand, why all the people in this company like to wear plaid jackets. Here, a checked shirt with a hat.

It was the first time that she observed the plaid shirt so closely, and the people who saw the plaid shirt felt a wave of nameless anger. If there is a plaid shirt in the store, she would walk around, but she was rescued by the plaid shirt person, inexplicably.

First of all, he had to burn all his plaid shirts, and it was annoying to look at them.

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