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VS Evil Vampire Highness

VS Evil Vampire Highness (Novel)
Other Name: VS邪魅吸血殿下

Genre: novel, other, supernatural
Author: Xia Ziyuan
Year: 2014
Chapter: 224
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“I don’t want to be your bride!” She curled up, sitting in the corner shivering. The young man with a beautiful face was staring at her. “Then, I will be your bridegroom!” He curled his lips, his mouth was stained with a wicked smile. He is a proud vampire majesty! It is rumored that CIMC is the supreme king who is powerful and powerful in evil spirits! But alone, she doted on her one of the most ordinary little girls, gave her the most caring care, and spoiled her to heaven. “My dear, are you really bad, dare to escape?” He wickedly raised her chin. “In this case, I have to punish you…” A bewitching voice lingered around Lan Xiaoxing. Read now >>

Free Reading Highlights:
There are many parallel time and space in this universe. Have you ever thought about reaching a magical world completely different from the current world? As long as you receive the acceptance letter from the Sachs School of Magic, everything is possible.

But I heard that those who can receive the admission notice of the Saxophone Magic Academy must meet two conditions: one is an orphan, and the other must be talented in learning magic.

The faint morning light shone on the trails of the Sacks School of Magic, and various magic students were busy with the magic exam at the end of the semester.

Lan Xiaoxing is one of them. Two years ago, she was eating snacks and surfing the Internet as comfortably as every high school student in China. But she received a letter of acceptance from the Sachs School of Magic for no reason.

Okay, just go, anyway, Lan Xiaoxing is an out-and-out orphan, where is not home?

The Sachs Academy of Magic is the most powerful academy of magic power in the world, and it is also the academy with the most magic students. It comes from different time and space, and there is also this world.

The ten most powerful magicians in the world are gathered here. They are wind, water, fire, earth, wood, ice, thunder, darkness, light and non-system.

At the same time, the Sachs School of Magic is also an organization that protects this world from being invaded by the devil, and protects the residents of this world.

Lan Xiaoxing is a third-year student in the Magic Academy. Although she is an intermediate magician, the difference between Lan Xiaoxing and others is that she has a dual element of magic, water element and wood element.

This is not a magic talent that everyone can have, so Lan Xiaoxing honors this every time.

For this final exam, Lan Xiaoxing’s task is to go to the Black Forest to the north to eliminate the Soul Eater who comes out to absorb the soul of creatures at this time every year. If he passes this exam, Lan Xiaoxing can be promoted to an intermediate magician.

Therefore, when everyone went to the Black Forest together, Lan Xiaoxing decided to be alone!

The Black Forest, as the name suggests, is a forest with endless darkness, where there are usually many evil elves. Soul Eater generally only attack some creatures without magic and spiritual power.

If you are a magician, it is very easy to subdue such elves, as long as you drive them into a special magic bottle, and then take them back to the magician to complete the exam.

Of course, there are many forbidden areas in the Black Forest, but the college generally prevents students from entering such dangerous places.

Lan Xiaoxing cautiously stepped on the mud under the black forest, and a light green protective barrier had formed on his body, for fear of being attacked by some monster accidentally.

In this dimly lit forest, it took Lan Xiaoxing about 20 minutes to reach the gathering place of the Soul Eater. On the trees and in the grass, there are dark red translucent bodies. This is the Soul Eater.

Feeling the breath of the creature, the Soul Eater around seemed to get excited, and quickly attacked Xiao Xiaoxing.

Lan Xiaoxing raised his hands, made a gesture, and chanted a spell. Many rain arrows appeared around her body, attacking the soul-eaters, and the downed elves were quickly bottled by Lan Xiaoxing with magic bottles.

In a short while, Lan Xiaoxing subdued this piece of Soul Eater!

“Alright! The final exam is finished!” Lan Xiaoxing smiled and raised the magic bottle and said.

“What about my lunch?” A xing male voice came into Lan Xiaoxing’s ears.

This article is purely fictitious. I hope you can understand if there are any deficiencies.

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