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VIP Husband

VIP Husband
Other Name: VIP老公

Genre: novel
Author: Mercury
Year: 2009
Chapter: 11
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Joke! How can the marriage of the president of his dignified Genji Foundation be allowed to be influenced by others! With his abilities, there is no need for political marriage at all, let alone he doesn’t want some villains to succeed! The first requirement to be his wife is to fit his “size”! Look at the little assistant next to the councillor who is eager to rush him, “advancing and retreating” seems to be a good candidate… What? In the end, that power eye is also her father! ? Ok! Seeing that he has already “eaten” her taste, he just reluctantly accepts it! what? She also has a very strong “backing”! ? Ha ha ─ ─ His “penetrating power” is invincible in the world… Wow! She actually thinks that his “effort” is not enough! ? It doesn’t matter, he will definitely prove to her how hard he is!

Free Reading Highlights:
“Kuang Dang──” As soon as the iced coffee splashed onto a white skirt, the entire set of trays also fell to the ground.

“U!” This summer’s latest designer dress was so ruined, the female guest sitting in the chair turned pale. “Will you serve a plate? You, do you know how much my dress will cost? You actually, unexpectedly──”

“I’m sorry.” The waitress apologized with her head down, and squatted down and quickly picked up the fallen cups and plates.

“Sorry for what’s the use! My clothes…” The snow-white dress was stained with coffee stains, and now her entire dress was reimbursed!

“Sorry, sorry, Ms. Moriyama, it was our fault. Let’s go to the VIP room to rest first, change your clothes, and I will help you wash it immediately.” The restaurant manager came to deal with it immediately.

“It’s useless!” The female customer looked at her favorite clothes distressedly, and said angrily: “Even if it is sent to be washed, the dirt can’t be washed away. After I see this piece of clothing, I will think that a waiter has soiled it. it.”

“This…Miss Moriyama…” When the manager heard this, he was immediately embarrassed and didn’t know what to do. This female customer is a frequent customer in the store and the daughter of the nobility in Tokyo, so I can’t afford to offend it!

At this time, the waitress finally cleaned up the mess on the ground and stood up again.

“Quickly apologize,” the manager reminded in a low voice.

“I’m sorry,” the waitress said again.

Ms. Moriyama looked angry and suddenly looked at her with a malicious smile, and said to her friend at the same table:

“Uesugi, do you think this waiter is familiar?”

Miss Uesugi, who was named, didn’t even look at it, drank her coffee gracefully, and slowly replied, “I don’t know her. Aiko, you don’t think I know such a lowly person? That’s for me. In terms of it, it is a great humiliation.”

She came from a famous family, attended a noble school, lived in the upper class, and did not have any contact with ordinary civilians.

“That’s right.” The female customer thought disdainfully, and then walked to the waitress, “You said, how can you pay me?”

“Uh, that’s all right, Miss Moriyama, tell me the brand and size of this outfit, and I will send someone to buy the same outfit and return it to you. In addition, all your consumption at the restaurant today counts as the restaurant. Yes, I should make amends to you, okay?” The manager immediately proposed another solution.

“You go away.” She glanced sideways at the manager. “It’s her who soiled my clothes, not you, there is nothing to do with you here, you can go now.”


“She will stay here to serve me, and wait until I am happy.”

“But…” Miss Moriyama is notoriously arrogant. Now she makes such an unreasonable request. The manager does not want to agree to it, but she can’t afford to offend her, which is really embarrassing.

“Why, don’t you agree?!” Miss Moriyama’s expression changed. “You want me to ask my father to come forward and make things happen, are you happy?”

“Of course not, I…” The manager glanced at her again, holding back his anger, and said to the waitress, “You can serve Miss Moriyama.”

As soon as the manager said, Miss Moriyama immediately sat down, turned the chair around, and said proudly:

“You can’t help me wipe the dirt off my clothes?”

“Yes.” The waitress lowered her head slightly, picked up a clean tissue, bent over to wipe it──

“Hold on.” She curled her lips and ordered, “Kneel down and wipe it for me.”

The waitress took a deep breath, bit her lower lip, and bowed her knees to endure her self-esteem──

“I want a waiter who can knock over cups of coffee to wipe your clothes, I’m afraid it will wipe your clothes more and more dirty.” A low voice suddenly intervened, and everyone looked at the sound.

“Chief──” The manager said, and the person who shook his head immediately, the manager shut up and took two steps back.

“Who are you?” Ms. Moriyama originally wanted to reprimand the person who was killed halfway, but when she saw the other’s face, her voice immediately turned into a gentle and polite.

But no one answered her question.

“A waiter like this who makes a beautiful lady angry and soils her clothes should immediately punish her to go to the kitchen to help wash the dishes. Don’t let the lady see it, so as not to make the lady angry again, don’t you think?” His eyes were focused. Looking at Ms. Moriyama, she immediately felt highly valued, and when she heard others praise her, she immediately nodded without thinking.

“Yeah, she was asked to clean my clothes, and she was clumsy to make me angry…” Ms. Moriyama said tenderly.

He gestured to the manager behind him, asking him to take someone away quickly. Then he gave a few more compliments and a few handsome smiles that charmed all living beings to conquer the two charming girls on the spot.

Inexplicably, she changed from a waiter to a bar assistant, and no longer has to face the customers directly at work in the future. Is this a blessing in disguise?

At ten o’clock in the evening, the restaurant was closed. She changed her work clothes and reported to the manager’s office according to the manager’s instructions.

When she came to the door, she knocked on the door first. After hearing the consent of the people inside, he opened the door and entered.

“You?” One glance up, it was the man who had just relieved her.

“It’s not your fault overturning the coffee, why don’t you argue for yourself?” At the other table, he saw the whole process in his eyes.

If it hadn’t been for that Miss Uesugi secretly stumbled on her, she would not have overturned the cup, thus incurring this innocent disaster.

“Say or not, it makes no difference.” She said flatly. No one will not trouble her because of her explanation. “Thank you for helping me out.”

He tilted his head to look at her.

She is very young, but she has a rare trait of pride and calmness. This kind of calmness and endurance to face humiliation should not appear on a girl under the age of twenty; especially, the kind that understands humiliation, but also Knowing the vicissitudes of life that she must endure, shouldn’t appear on her beautiful, young face.

However, it was this look that made him make an exception to manage his nostalgia.

“Tell me, what is your name?” he asked.

“No need.” She shook her head. Just looking at his clothes and the aristocratic aura that naturally radiated from him, she also guessed that his origin must be extraordinary. The last thing she wants now is to have a relationship with anyone in the upper class.

He looked at her and smiled suddenly. It’s too early to meet her now, he still doesn’t have the power to protect people; but he really doesn’t want to miss her.

“Well, it doesn’t matter if you don’t say it now, and I won’t deliberately ask you; however, let’s make an agreement that if one day we meet again and I recognize you again, you will be my woman, how about?”

As soon as he finished speaking, a different expression finally appeared on her calm face–shocked.

“You are crazy.”

“That’s an adjective, no one has described me like that.” He nodded with noddedness, and then walked to her: “We’re all set.”

“Who has made it to you, I don’t–” She refused, but suddenly saw his enlarged face pressed against her.

He bowed his head and kissed her red lips, but before she could react, he backed away.

“A kiss is a deal.” He smiled with a handsome face, that kind of natural leadership temperament, with a magical power that made people surrender, and her rebuttal came to her lips, but she couldn’t say it.

I’m afraid that even if he said it, he wouldn’t care, right?

He was obviously Menglang, but she was the one who panicked. She shook his head when she glanced at his confident and handsome face; but he was still confident.

Later, she learned that he was the owner of this high-end restaurant and the general manager of the restaurant to which the restaurant belongs. He was from Osaka.

His name is Yuan Xuzhi.

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