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Naruto Shippūden 2: Bonds (Movie)

Naruto Shippūden 2: Bonds
Also known as: 劇場版 NARUTO−ナルト− 疾風伝 絆 / Gekijōban Naruto Shippūden: Kizuna

Genre: Drama, manga
Hajime Kamegaki
Release Date:
August 2, 2008 (Japan)
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Naruto Shippuden the Movie. Naruto Chip Puden: Kizuna (Bond ) suddenly a mysterious group of ninjas who call themselves “Blue Ninjas” (sora nin) from the region of Soranokuni invaded Konoha. Which the reason for the opening of this battle came from the last ninja world war era Konoha almost completely destroyed the Saranokuni region. But there are still some ninjas that survived and returned to reckon with Konoha

The sudden attack of the Sky Ninja forces Konoha causes Massive commotion in the village A group of ninjas flew using a winged ninja device to bomb a village. In the meantime, a boy from another village came to Konoha to look for him. His teacher, who had arrived in Konoha earlier, took the medical ninja to help people. Hurt in their village

Naruto, Sakura, and Hinata were sent to help that child’s village. The Naruto team travels with Amaru (the boy) and Shinno, the teacher. … To go to the village, have to cruise along the river through a forest full of wild animals and snakes … On the way, one of the sky ninjas appeared, Sakura, Hinata and Shinori hid the riverside. Naruto and Amaru went under the water to wait for the sky ninjas to pass by. But when Amaru comes to the surface He stuck seaweed underwater and dropped his knife from his teacher.

While Naruto tries to help Amaru deal with the underwater algae .. Naruto actually found that And Amaru is a “woman” because he can see the chest. Naruto even blushed. But suddenly Naruto was bitten by a snake in the water and lost consciousness. After Naruto revived … was blushing again … because Amaru was using Sucking the poison from Naruto’s thigh wound To save lives Naruto asked Amaru whether it was really OK to be a woman, right? And also talks about Amaru’s feelings for her teacher Which causes Naruto to be touched by Amut ~

At the same time, Konoha, a group of sky ninjas, retreated because they had run out of chakras used to fly. Therefore, Konoha sent another special team to find the stronghold of the Blue Ninja. Sai uses an artificial animal-drawn monster to head to the ship of Soranoku’s ship. Ani to draw attention While Shikamaru and Kakashi hid behind the rocks, waiting for the attack … at Orojimaru’s nest … Orojimaru’s condition was getting worse as the spell moved. Kabuto approached Orojimaru and told Sasuke that the Blue Ninja are attacking Konoha. Sasuke responds simply, “I don’t care” … Oroji Maru orders Sasu. Go to take the man who will be able to help him finish the course. Can change one’s life In which the man is Shinno Amaru’s teacher!

The Naruto team finally arrived at Amaru’s village. They found that the village had been destroyed and not seen any signs of the village alone. Amaru cried and ran all over the village to find people who might still be left alive. But then Amaru stepped into the trap Causing some Kunai to dash at you Shin Norib came in to help … Naruto, Sakura, and Hinata ran to see it. But it’s too slow … Shinno is dead … After Amaru can control himself. They continue to search for people in the village … Meanwhile, Sasuke is heading to the village !!

After that event Hinata is separated from Naruto and Sakura. Naruto and Sakura face a demon that eats evil in the human mind for food. Amaru is possessed by demons. Sakura couldn’t fight this demon. Meanwhile, the evil monster feels the enormous dark power in Naruto. So it is sarcastic to Naruto so that Naruto can use that power. “If there is no power People like you can’t help anyone! “That statement made Naruto think back to when he couldn’t help Sasuke. And began to control the nine-tailed fox chakra Causing Naruto to enter the nine-tailed fox mode … and quickly to the four-tailed level after a short fight Sober Sakura Took a talisman that Jiriya gave to put on Naruto to stop the nine-tailed fox Finally, Naruto returned to normal.

Naruto tells Amaru to overcome the dark side in his mind. The demon is finally dealt with (Hehe ~). Then … Sakura resurrected in Naruto’s arms .. and punch Naruto. ”(= _ = ‘) The Naruto team decided to separate Naruto continues to look for people in the village. As for Hinata and Sakura, follow someone to help .. on the Amaru side, which should actually have to go with Sakura Instead decided to stay with Naruto (Fascinated by the kids? – * -) Naruto and Amaru meet an ancient ruins just like Shinno had said before. Both of them decided to go in … Shinno is there – safely, and it sounds like he is ranting about dominating the world with dark energy. Amaru goes to find Shinno with joy, Shinino is not dead. But Naruto noticed that something was wrong. … Shinno laughed at Amaru who had always believed in him. Shinno says that he has researched the power of dark arts for decades. Finally found in Konoha, and now he wants is the secret book only At that time, Shinno transformed into something that resembled an ancient ship.

Shinno is still trying to make Naruto use the nine-tailed fox chakra again. Amaru tears tearing at Naruto and Shinno fighting. When Amaru was young She was ill with a strange disease, no one agreed to get close to her because of fear of getting infected. Only Shinno cares for her and tries to help her. Shinno ridiculed Amaru, but Naruto forbade her to abandon her feelings for Shinno. Finally, Amaru told Shinno how much she loves Shinno. Shinno even stopped .. Naruto used that rhythm to attack Shinno. It was then that Sasuke appeared. “Orojimaru asks for help with life changing courses” Shinno gives Sasuke a scroll.

“That scripture is sufficient.” Sasuke also attacked Shinno. “Pansak Sen Senbong”, which affects the cells of Shinno to return to its original form Shin Norib escaped and Sasuke chased after him. Naruto tells Amaru to look for people in the village and he will follow Sasuke. Naruto met Sasuke in a room. “What are you doing here?” In that room, Shinno transformed into a demon and tried to use the tentacles to suck Sasuke and Naruto. Sasuke entered the Step 1 character state and released the evil chakras. Come out And Naruto, who quickly understands Sasuke’s plan, frees the nine-tailed fox chakra

In the meantime, Sai and his allies successfully attack the Blue Ninja Base. Sakura and Hinata met the villagers who were imprisoned, so they were able to help out. Cut to Naruto, who orders Amaru to run away but Amaru refuses. Sasuke then forces Amaru to go. (Are you coming here? O_o “) .. before Sasuke escapes from there. Naruto whispered something to Sasuke … After that, Naruto used a magic spell to separate the shadow from the body and use it to destroy the ancient remains. When the wreck fell, Naruto also fell. … Amaru, who can see Naruto from a distance Therefore grabbed the winged ninja of the sky ninjas To fly to help Naruto Once Amaru grabbed Naruto, they all fell down together … At that moment, Jiraiya and Kamakiji appeared to help them.

After that, Naruto revived in Amaru’s arms. That causes Sakura and Hinata to become jealous. (^_^) … Sasuke returns to his secret nest and sends the scriptures to Orojimaru. Orojimaru asked about the mission. Sasuke didn’t answer, walked away to continue training … and thought about the words that Naruto whispered. “I have to take you back to Konoha to get Sasuke!”

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