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Mr. Ambassador (Fiction)

Mr. Ambassador
Also known as: นายเอกอัครราชทูต

Genre: Fiction
Erico Willisimo
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The book “Mr. Ambassador” is divided into four chapters: ” Submission of Credentials”, ” Reception “, “Diplomatic Circle” and “Mountain”.

The first three chapters tell the story of a Latin American country in the United States embassy; the last chapter describes the events after the main characters return home. The whole novel is based on the experience of the country’s ambassador to the United States, Gabriel Eliodoro, as the main clue , and the activities of first-class secretary Pablo Ortega as the secondary line, and the embassy as the main line. The stage gradually unfolded. Through the introduction of ambassadors , military attaches , counsellors , secretaries, American employees and their wives, mistresses , and the entire process of guerrillas marching into the capital to seize power, people have seen the world ’s diplomatic circles swindle.

Intriguing insider, let people see the nature of all kinds of false masks and conflicts between political forces. There are two main characters: one is Ambassador Gabriel Eliotoro, who is loyal to the dictatorship and once “made an outstanding contribution to the Republic”; he is full of ambitions, and has prosperous officials. But in essence, he has a good heart and a poisonous heart, an absent-minded sword, and ambitious, hoping to one day become a Washington-style figure. Unfortunately, the good times did not last long. The dictatorship to which he relied was soon in crisis. At this time, he could have traveled far away, but his common interests and fate forced him to return to the country to join the war. As a result, he was miserably executed by the “revolutionary” regime.

Another important figure is first-class secretary Pablo Ortega, a passionate young man with democratic and free thinking. He hates this hypocritical diplomatic circle, and is even more reluctant to be a dictator. The regime was so desperate that it finally resigned from the embassy. He then returned to his home country several times to join the guerrillas and engaged in the fight to overthrow the dictatorship. But shortly after, the extreme left performance of the guerrilla leader made him feel anxious about the future, and he was determined to force the “revolutionary” leader to fulfill his promise to the people: to achieve social justice, form a democratic government, and give the people freedom . He said indignantly: “Our nation cannot and should not be deceived anymore.”

However, lonely hands are hard to ignore, and instead of disregarding the faction, they send someone to monitor his actions. The ambassador and the first secretary are two incompatible characters. Their activities are cross-cutting in the works and are always implemented. “In the embassy, ​​they belong to two factions. Both returned to the country and participated in opposing camps. But at the end of the book, they met again unexpectedly. Gabriel Elliordo was captured by the guerrillas and then sent to the “People’s Court” for trial. Pablo Ortega was working in the guerrillas at this time, but he was dissatisfied with the extreme left policy and insisted on hearing legal proceedings before deciding to defend the former ambassador. However, under the pressure of the extreme left policy, not only the former The ambassador was sentenced to death, and Pablo Ortega was also accused by the “Revolutionary Central Committee”.

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