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Descendants of the Sun 태양의 후예 Episode 4 Recap

In order to ensure that Jiang Muyan can perform the operation smoothly, Liu Sizhen ordered his men to stand in a row and confront the guards of the VIP (President of the Arab League) with guns.

Because of political issues, the decision of Jiang Muyan and Yoo Sijin caused the base camp to issue a first-level defense alert, and the war was about to start. The senior leaders in the country were in a desperate situation, and the division leader kept asking Liu Sizhen to stop the operation immediately through the walkie-talkie.

Because the VIP’s physical condition is classified, Jiang Muyan’s medical record is far from the real condition, which brings great difficulty to the operation. Doctor Song analyzed the situation of interest and wanted to stop Jiang Muyan, who adhered to the doctor’s creed and decisively performed open surgery on the patient. Although there were several dangerous situations during the operation, Jiang Muyan calmly resolved them, and finally put the patient out of danger.

The attending physician from the Arab side came and warned Jiang Muyan and others that the operation cannot be considered a success before the patient wakes up.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Blue House held an emergency meeting, and Commander Yin ordered Xu Darong to dismiss Liu Shizhen from his post on the grounds of disobeying the order and imprisoned him in the camp pending trial. Liu Shizhen disarmed his equipment and entrusted Xu Darong with the aftermath.

Because the patient was still in a coma, the medical team was closely monitored by the Arab side.

Liu Shizhen was detained in the military supplies warehouse. The division commander of Taibai Army was worried that he would be implicated. He scolded Liu Shizhenshan for his claim. The latter promised to take full responsibility for the incident. The division commander secretly breathed a sigh of relief.

Jiang Muyan wanted to visit Liu Shizhen, but happened to run into the division leader who came out of the warehouse. Knowing that if VIP does not wake up, it is likely to ruin Liu Shizhen’s future life, Jiang Muyan blames himself.

When the division leader left, Xu Darong and the others urged that if they were investigated after returning to China, Liu Shizhen would be solely responsible for the incident.

Due to the order to return to China, Xu Darong was about to leave Uruk overnight. Before leaving, he told Liu Shizhen that the decision he made this time was correct and glorious. He hoped that the two could meet again after returning to China. Liu Shizhen smiled and agreed to invite him to drink shochu for three days and nights when he met him.

Under Xu Darong’s arrangement, Jiang Muyan was given ten minutes to visit Liu Shizhen, and the two sat opposite each other across the door. Thinking of the trouble he caused him, Jiang Muyan tucked his knees and sobbed, Liu Shizhen smiled and comforted, and praised her for being calm and brave. Before leaving, Jiang Muyan handed a mosquito coil to Liu Shizhen, hoping to help him.

When the VIP patient woke up, the crisis of the medical team was finally resolved, and everyone was relieved. When the patient was transferred, the chief security officer who had drawn his gun to stop Jiang Muyan nodded to thank her in the helicopter.

Before Xu Darong boarded the plane and returned to South Korea, he met Yin Mingzhu who had just arrived in Uruk at the airport. Under the arrangement of Lieutenant General Yin, the two separated the sky again. Ming Zhu thought that Xu Darong had deliberately avoided him, and gave him a slap in the face. At the moment she passed by, Yin Mingzhu took Xu Darong’s hand, and the latter held him tightly in his arms, wishing her to take care of herself. Looking at Xu Darong’s leaving back, Yin Mingzhu couldn’t stop tears.

At the wedding of Xu Darong’s ex-girlfriend, Yin Mingzhu was very touched to learn that he did not intend to make a big wedding, but to send care and blessings. According to the agreement, Xu Darong showed Liu Shizhen that he was dealing with Yin Mingzhu, but it caused a ridiculous misunderstanding in the army. The relationship between the two is getting closer and closer during the fight.

The Arab side requested confidentiality of the VIP operation. The Foreign Minister of the Blue House talked with Lieutenant General Yin and handed over the handling of Liu Sizhen to the military. Lieutenant General Yin sent an order to delete all records related to the operation and lift Liu Shizhen’s imprisonment. The disciplinary committee proceeded as planned.

Jiang Muyan expressed gratitude to Liu Shizhen for his trust, and the latter also apologized for taunting her before. While the two were happily talking and laughing, the speaker’s guard drove up and took them to the speaker’s residence. The speaker expressed his gratitude to Jiang Muyan for her wonderful hands and kindness, and presented her with a valuable business card that she can get help at any time in the Arab land. At Jiang Muyan’s request, the speaker also presented Liu Shizhen with the same business card.

Using the card, Liu Shizhen borrowed a car from the speaker’s guard and carried Jiang Muyan to the town for a date. When the two came to the tea room, Liu Shizhen received the order again when they were meeting, and the appointment fell through again. At Jiang Muyan’s insistence, Liu Shizhen took her to the memorial service for the soldiers of the UN troops.

During the ceremony, the leader of the “Death Merchants” organization silently bid farewell to his former comrades-in-arms through the guardrail, and he and Liu Shizhen had the experience of peacekeeping together. After returning to the station, Liu Shizhen stopped Jiang Muyan’s questioning and sat alone on the rooftop to remember his former comrades in arms.

Liu Shizhen’s punishment was officially issued, with a three-month pay cut and removal from the established major’s promotion review targets. Jiang Muyan found the division leader and dealt with the punishment. Liu Shizhen arrived in time and took her to no one’s place. Liu Shizhen told Jiang Muyan her beliefs and consciousness as a soldier, and told her to stop doing useless work. Jiang Muyan thought he didn’t understand her worry, but disappointed she drove away alone, crying on the way back.

After returning to the camp, Liu Shizhen and Jiang Muyan met unexpectedly in the kitchen. The two apologized to each other for their impulsive words and deeds. The atmosphere became relaxed and happy under the tune of red wine and jokes. It was raining outside, and Liu Shizhen kissed Jiang Muyan at the window, and the latter stopped in midair with the hand of the wine bottle.

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