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V5 Crossing: My Little Lord of the Country

V5 Crossing: My Little Lord of the Country
Other Name: V5穿越:我的倾国小王爷

Genre: novel
Author: unknown
Year: 2011
Chapter: N/A
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There is nothing alive. Hope, it won’t make people feel comfortable after death… Look at what the white peacock on the other side said? Crossing? Oh, what’s the situation? Can she be reborn, plus the freedom of one life, and what she has to do is just find what seven-star fragments? Is this sale fair? she does not know! Of course, she has no capital to refuse….

But did anyone tell her, what kind of persimmon, the son of the world is calling her? The five-year-old immature body has imprisoned her adult soul, oh, this weird rebirth, is it necessary to chase and kill as soon as he meets with a poisonous greeting? Xuhuang and false phoenix are’sons’, a biological mother whose life and death are unknown; a crazy second mother who is hated by jealousy? Take a party overlord, the prince’s father who rushes to the crown and becomes a beauty? Oh, let’s not bring such a’messy’!

She wanted to have this life, it’s important to have a good time and have fun in time; but it seems that this battle does not intend to stop her.. In that case… well, it shouldn’t be too messy… ** *Falling dragons playing in the water, shallow phoenixes flying in the clouds, fifteen plants ups and downs, just to shake the world; In the day, the’he’ dressed in Confucian clothing is the British lord of the Xiliang generation and the young king who died after hundreds of thousands of civilians . The world is human, “he” is a talent who governs the world, but he is not for him because of his indifferent feelings? In the dark night, she is the hostess who specializes in plundering for the rich and unkind and punishing the evil in the world. .

Free Reading Highlights:
On the coast, on the golden sandy beach, a woman in black sits on the ground, sitting on her knees, she is lazy with a faint exhaustion, her silicon powder lips are unconsciously pressed into a thread, obviously there is not much expression. On his face, people feel cold and alienated. His narrow eyes are slightly narrowed, staring at the distant sea horizon for a moment, watching the burning red sun being swallowed little by little;

The breeze mixed with the peculiar smell of the ocean was blowing towards her face, and the woman wore her waist-length black hair, which was blown up, layer by layer reflecting the afterglow and shimmering;

Until the sun completely sets, only a little afterglow remains…

Until the night fell and the stars gathered, she still sat there as if she had entered a calm state, motionless…

Looking back on the short half of her life, she seemed to be destined to be herself since she was born. In the eyes of her mentor and parents, she has always been an excellent student, both obedient and well-behaved, smart and sensible, saving them a lot of trouble. Three good babies

In the kindergarten era, when other children were swinging and stacking trees, she was learning literacy and arithmetic; her father said, to win at the starting line…

In elementary school, when other classmates shared their experience of playing with each other, she entangled in various music and etiquette courses. Grandma said that temperament should be cultivated from an early age…

Later, when they indulged in the Mood for Love, or enjoyed love, or indulged in rebellion, she worked with formulas and foreign languages ​​all day long…

No, more than that, she has to be trained while studying, falling down and getting up again and again in those scars. .

Later, she seemed to become accustomed to this kind of life, accustomed to restraint, to self-discipline and self-control…

I am accustomed to the praise of the elders, to the rejection and dislike of my sister, because she is too good and too dazzling, and standing with her will be burned by the dazzling flames on her body…

It is a kind of fear, jealousy, disgust…and low self-esteem.

Until the death of her father, until she took over the burden left by her father, there was still no objection or resistance, and moreover, she had no sadness or joy…

That man, I have known him for two years, he is so respectful and gentle, he advances and retreats in a certain degree, and he does not show his pretense, so gentle and elegant temperament, even his voice will be very gentle;

Wherever that kind of person goes, he is a bunch of dazzling scenery…

Oh, this is him, he was chosen as her fiance by grandma and family elders, he;

Regardless of the background or the interests, such marriages are common in the upper class, so she can accept it without criticism when she is accustomed to life;

At least he looks equally good and flawless;

She once thought that perhaps it should not be difficult to spend a lifetime with such a person. To put it in an old saying, well, respect each other like a guest…

It’s a pity that she was wrong, ridiculously wrong…

Oh, so she can make mistakes too…

A few days ago, the filthy scene reappeared in my mind, the gorgeous big bed, is the scene of her fiance and her biological sister rolling together;

She thought she would be angry, would forget her dignity and lose her demeanor, would rush in and curse the two dog men and women for shamelessness, or break their adultery, and see their panicked, shy and angry funny expressions;

But she didn’t, she didn’t do anything, and left so peacefully, as if she had never appeared…

In a hurried life, she was almost burdened for her family and relatives; she gave up her dreams and youth, but the result was betrayal, irony, and jokes…

What’s more ridiculous is that in three months, it will be her wedding…

Phew, sad? Saying nothing is a lie, but more is still exhausted;

The ocean at night is no longer as clear and blue as during the day. With every wave of waves and waves, they become terrifying at this moment, as if the facial expressions of human beings facing desperate struggles. They come from hell, each The sound of the waves washing the beach is their hiss.

When I think about it this way, when I hear it again, I feel a bit appallingly cold;

The corners of the lips were barely noticeable, and the woman’s glamorous face appeared with a smile that seemed like nothing, like self-entertainment, or self-deprecating?

Whatever you want…

I lowered my head slightly and looked at the corner of the document bag exposed under the yellow sand at my feet. Perhaps even the Lord could not understand her living so insensitively. With a notice, her heart is still as calm as a windless lake. Accepted this fact;

On the tarmac road in the distance, a flamboyant red sports car stepped on the accelerator and galloped, flicking its tail beautifully, and the scream of the brake cut through the weird tranquility of the night;

After a short while, the driver’s door opened, and the person in the car stepped out of the car with long legs and glanced at the beach. When she found the person she was looking for, he fell heavily on the car door;

On the beach, the woman’s regained eyes flashed, and a smile was reflected, but she came very quickly;

“Dear cousin, you’d better have a hundred thousand urgent things!” In an implied threatening tone, seven-point anger, three-point curiosity, she was called from the other side of the ocean with a single phone call. It was only early in the morning that she fell asleep not long ago, a good dream Zhengtian!

Damn… what does she want to do?

I also blame her for being really curious, what can she do with the cousin who is the helm of the family and the idler?

Tight leather pants outline her slender legs, a blazing red windbreaker is loosely wrapped around the exposed short shirt, short chestnut hair is neat and neat, and her delicate features are not very attractive except for her complexion;

Lin Yaning yelled and walked to the woman on the beach;

The footsteps were getting closer, Lin Yachen, who was sitting on the ground, placed herself under her coat beside her in a timely manner, took the document bag that was almost buried in yellow sand and handed it to her;

“What is this?” Lin Yaning had already walked to her at this time, raised his hand to take it, but did not open it, touching something that seemed to be a file? She always doesn’t care about company affairs, even family affairs… Basically don’t ask, why do you give this to her?

Lin Yachen got up slowly. Maybe she sat for too long. She staggered and fell back to the ground. She raised her hand and shook her forehead, waiting for the dizziness to pass. I want…”, paused and then continued, “please take care of her elderly person;”

Her relatives, she didn’t want to see each other again at this moment;

Goodbye to mother’s indifferent eyes, goodbye to the sister who chose to betray her, this time you win, so you will be happy?

Goodbye grandmother, maybe sleeping thinking about how to take away her right grandma, she has always understood the old man’s thoughts, she knows that in her heart her second uncle is closer than her granddaughter, after all, it’s her son, isn’t it….

Oh, this ridiculous life, goodbye, never again;

The glitz is like a dream, and it really comes to my senses at this time. A person’s life is just like a mirror, whether life brings death or not, then… can she think that these are not so important?

Seeing this, Yaning wanted to help her, stretched out her hand halfway, and stopped again; when she took it back, she couldn’t help but slander. What happened to her this time? How does it feel weird?

A person as strong as that in the past, she seems to see fragility in her at this time; fragile? ! Damn fragile, she would rather believe that her eyes are wrong!

Glancing comically at her lower lips, in order to cover up the gaffe, Yaning immediately opened the file bag in her hand and looked at the light in the distance;

Slowly, the information that entered the target made her stunned in surprise;

Case Reports?


There is also a…death certificate? Lin Yachen? this is……


“…Lin Yachen, hello, what’s going on? What the hell do you want to do? You don’t…”, she asked eagerly, maybe even Yaning didn’t notice it, her tone was full of horror ;

Yaning didn’t hear the answer in shock, instinctively raised her eyes, huh? People?

Before she was awakened from the doubt that people disappeared under her nose, the sound of the engine started, and the only answer to her was the scream of her favorite car;

“Hey, Lin Yachen, hello…”, ran to the side of the road, but it was still too late, watching her…the car disappeared from her vision;


For a long time, a curse resounded throughout the world.

Perhaps this result is unbelievable, but it is absolutely true.

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