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V5 Becomes a Monarch’s Adorable Pet

V5 Becomes a Monarch’s Adorable Pet (Novel)
Other Name: V5受君们的萌宠攻

Genre: novel, fantasy
Author: SJ Jiao children
Year: 2014
Chapter: N/A
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Mo Yan has no retribution, ghosts and gods have arrangements-the underworld

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Mo Yan has no retribution, ghosts and gods have arrangements-the underworld

Shao Yixi never felt that he deserved to die, let alone that he should go to hell after death. He is just a thirteen-year-old boy, and he never does anything wrong with the world. On the contrary, he has been repeatedly framed by the Jimu in the backyard of the house, but for the sake of the peace of the house, he endured it again and again, and endured it until this field.

After struggling for a long time on the sickbed, can’t it survive in the end?

The blankness on the boy’s face was out of line with the wailing and screaming around him.

His shoulder was slammed down, and Shao Yixi stumbled to the ground in two steps, watching the screaming and screaming of the half body behind him, his body was still very weird. There were two huge fat masses on his chest. What punishment. Fear was filled from the bottom of my heart. No matter how strong this young man was, he was only the son of the son in the deep house. How did he ever see such a scene?

He backed back again and again in panic, tears occupying half of his face, he didn’t understand why he didn’t miss anything, and still suffer this sin?

Sitting on the ground holding his legs while whimpering, he dared not look at the surrounding scenes. He was afraid, would he be like those people? Pull the tongue, cut the ears, cut off the fingers, grow flesh on the chest, or whatever.

The soul may be tireless, but crying, but he hasn’t seen anyone take him to the Palace of Hades for a long time. Wiping away the tears, stood up and looked curiously at the left and right. After all, the young man had a temperament and couldn’t bear curiosity. Although he was scared to death in his heart, he still had the courage to observe others stupidly.

At this moment in his life, a man in a navy blue official uniform suddenly appeared in front of him. Shao Yixi backed away in shock, but saw that the man was pale, thin, with a thin chin, and the official uniform was wide when worn on his body. With a bit of gentleness, I can’t help but settle down slightly.

The man had a handsome face, like a brother, but Shao Yixi was not sure.

This person looked at Shao Yixi for a moment, then said, “Liuyan City, Shao Mansion, Shao Yixi, but?”

Shao Yixi wanted to open his mouth subconsciously, but immediately closed it, looking at the man in official uniform in a dilemma.

The man frowned slightly, “Isn’t it?”

In this way, Shao Yixi naturally knew that he was afraid that this person would find himself, and immediately said in a low voice in embarrassment, “Emm said, at night or in a dark place, someone calls your name, and you can’t agree… ..”

The man heard the corners of his mouth twitched fiercely, but then he thought that the underworld is not a place with heavy yin, is it still heavy with yang? ! Immediately I don’t know whether to praise the dead boy for his heartlessness or to admire him for listening to his own Eminem.

“Since it is, then follow me.” I didn’t want to talk too much with him, and turned around.

Shao Yixi couldn’t help but feel a little curious. He leaned forward and asked Dong and Xi, “How should I call an adult?”

“Ya.” The person still replied like gold.

But Shao Yixi will obviously not be hit. There is even a posture that dead pigs are not afraid of boiling water. Anyway, I have come to this place. Whatever you want, do it! When he cried on the ground, he had already figured it out.

“Oh, Lord Ya.” subconsciously repeated the sentence, “Where are we going? Lord Ya, what did I miss in front of me? What kind of punishment should I be punished? Is there my Eminem? I can see Is he? When will my father come? It was also lively when the three came to reunite earlier, but I don’t like my stepmother and several younger brothers…”

Ya walked ahead, only feeling the blue veins on her forehead jerking.

What makes his father come to reunite earlier? He hates his father so much, hoping that he will die soon? !

In addition, he has been working in the underworld for hundreds of years, and the Three Thousand World has seen a lot. This dead boy called his name so strange that he really wanted to give him a hard time.

Yada, man, he really couldn’t bear such an elegant name!

“Your father saved three court loyal ministers seven years ago. It is a great merit, and he will naturally end up in bed.” But it depends on his own destiny to live well.

“Oh, Yada, man, what are the mistakes of those brothers, why do they have two lumps of meat on their chests? What criminal law did they suffer?” Shao Yixi listened to his father’s peace of mind and let go of his heart. He was indifferent to himself, and he had resented him, but he was his father after all.

He could see that his father looked at him with guilt and regret, and that’s why he didn’t want to get close again and again.

“They are women, and another world takes the place of their brothers.” Ya and him explained the affairs of the world in detail, and sighed by the way. “Although you have very few grandpas in this world and many brothers, but you are more like brothers. As far as other worlds are concerned, it is much wider. As long as he is talented, he can still participate in scientific expeditions and make his appearance. You can enter the court, but go to the battlefield, and you can see that his identity is not lower than his father.” But in the end it is a brother. Very few people do this. Most families still keep their brother in a boudoir. Although there are less restraints, it is no different from a woman. If he is similar to his father, then this brother will not be able to marry him.

What’s more, the grandfathers and children in this world are so powerful that they are very cherished, but there are more brothers, and Moyue also has a five-to-one ratio. If the brothers are not beautiful and dutiful, how can they get married? As far as Shao Yixi knows, even the poorest grandfather can ask for two or three brothers. If you have money, if there are more than a dozen or twenty people, his father will also go to twelve brothers. This is still relatively small.

But at this moment, Shao Yixi didn’t bother to care about this. Instead, he looked at the “woman” curiously and couldn’t help but nodded. Except for the two more meat on his chest, many people did look similar to his brother. However, women seem to be softer than brothers, and they look a little bit more beautiful. “Most of the brothers I saw were greased and powdered. They were fragile and pretentious. They didn’t like them at all. If my future daughter-in-law is like this, I might as well Marry a man and come back.”

“Marry a man and come back?” The man looked back at Shao Yixi with small arms and legs, and couldn’t help but chuckle. “Only your face is more likely to be married in.”

Shao Yixi could not help but touch his face. He naturally knew that he was very good. He once said that he was a natural beauty. Even if he was tortured by the disease and was as thin as wood, his face was still pale, his lips were bright red, and he was beautiful and tight. .

However, this is the case, but he is increasingly disgusted by Jimu, mocking face to face many times, and even the servants in the backyard can say no to this.

When Ya Wei saw Shao Yixi speak, he lowered his eyes and looked unhappy. It was natural to understand why. He said with relief, “Your face is three points better than your brother. There is nothing wrong with it. Don’t be upset because others are jealous. This is you. The gift from my father is even more of a blessing from heaven, so how can I get angry?” As he said, he couldn’t help but look at the boy carefully.

The face is beautiful and pleasant, the eyes are big and round, and the nose is not open, but the bridge of the nose is straight, the mouth is rosy and watery, and the hair is black and supple. Generally, the soul is extremely ugly, because it is ugly before death, the soul retains the face of the last moment before death.

But even if this young man was poisoned, it was still difficult to change his handsome appearance. Thinking of this, the corners of his mouth raised slightly, but he remembered the marriage of this young man, and there were not no couples whose brothers and grandfathers had upside-down faces.

The two of them had their own thoughts and stepped into the palace unknowingly. Shao Yixi wasn’t sure where he was for a while because they were walking through the side door.

Ya gave the answer, “We have arrived at Qin Guangdian, where you can see your history.”

Shao Yixi was taken aback for a moment, and subconsciously asked, “Hereafter? Am I already dead?” After reading before him, he will be punished if there is any mistake, and he will be reborn if he is correct.

“Someone has extended your life for a hundred years,” he said as he pushed open a door, the room was dim and the surroundings could not be seen clearly, and the light outside the room could not reach the inside. I always felt that the surroundings were dark and uncomfortable. There is a kind of creepy taste. Ya waved her hand, and a candlelight suddenly lit in the room, which made people see the thing covered by the red cloth in front of them. “This is a living mirror. Come and take a look.”

Shao Yixi stepped forward obediently, but when he saw Ya looking around, he didn’t want to answer to himself, maybe he was the one who continued his life? After all, it is an official from the underworld.

I think the young master of Shao Mansion said it nicely, but besides going to school, there was nothing else to do, and he didn’t know a few people. Unless someone accumulates virtue in the previous life, how can anyone be willing to continue their lives for themselves?

Shao Yixi thinks that his guess is good, and he thinks that the person in front of him is a friend of his previous life, so he is willing to help secretly.

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