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Chinese Style Divorce (2004) 中国式离婚

Chinese Style Divorce (2004)
Other Title: 中国式离婚, Zhong Guo Shi Li Hun, Chinese divorce, Ly hôn kiểu Trung Quốc (中国式离婚)

Genres:  Life, Drama
Shen Yan
Wang Hailing
Release Date: 
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  • Chen Dao Ming as Song Jian Ping
  • Zuo Xiao Qing as Juan Zi
  • Jiang Wen Li as Lin Xiao Feng
  • Jia Yi Ping as Liu Dong Bei
  • Lu Zhong as Mother Lin
  • Chen Jian Bin

The story focuses on three types of betrayals: the heart, the body, the body and heart.
Lin Xiaofeng and Song Jianping have been married for 10 years, and they have a son named Dangdang. Lin feels disappointed that her husband Song, a surgeon, is unable to earn enough money to improve their standard of living. Discontented with ordinary family life, Lin often quarrels with Song. They can hardly afford the expense of a key primary school for their son, so Song decides to resign from his post at a State-run hospital and start a new job in a foreign-funded hospital. Lin willingly quits her job as a primary school teacher to become a full-time housewife.

Though Song finally becomes successful in his career, the couple’s relationship deteriorates due to some misunderstandings. The story also shows the problems that face the young, middle-aged and old couples, and reveals the physical and emotional betrayals of husbands and wives, offering insights about the tolerance, trust and responsibilities required for a good and lasting marriage. — Women of China English

In the eyes of his wife’s primary school teacher Lin Xiaofeng ( played by Jiang Wenli ) , the husband’s hepatobiliary surgeon Song Jianping ( played by Chen Daoming ) is an ordinary good person. She and her son Dangdang ( Shi Lei ) can only lead the lives of ordinary people and are excluded from the life of modern metropolises. Later, the ordinary Song Jianping finally decided to accept Lin Xiaofeng’s advice and went to a foreign-funded hospital. Faced with Song Jianping’s decisiveness and actions, Lin Xiaofeng said that he would take care of all the housework and let him have no worries. The contrast between the two began to widen, and Lin Xiaofeng began to be wary of Song Jianping and took various extreme measures for supervision. The relationship between the husband and wife quickly deteriorated and the contradiction deepened.

Song Jianping’s friend Liu Dongbei ( Jia Yiping ) has an idea to find Lin Xiaofeng a lover, so he volunteered to seduce Lin Xiaofeng on the Internet until he developed online dating into a meeting. Song Jianping was present at the meeting, and Lin Xiaofeng felt teased. There was a big battle between the Song family, and Song Jianping ran away from home in desperation. Lin Xiaofeng, who had almost become an abandoned wife, turned anger at his son Dangdang, and accidentally injured him at a time when he was in charge. In the disaster of Dangdang facing blindness, the pace of Song and Lin were unified again. They together healed Dangdang and Lin Xiaofeng took the opportunity to heal his injuries. Apologized to Song Jianping, Song Jianping also temporarily forgave her, the war was temporarily extinguished, and Dangdang witnessed the whole process.

Liu Dongbei, who had helped Song Jianping with his ideas, eventually divorced his girlfriend Juanzi ( Zuo Xiaoqing ) from marriage and pregnancy to miscarriage. Facing the irresponsible Liu Dongbei, the desperate Juanzi regarded Song Jianping as a life-saving straw, and she fell in love with Song Jianping, who had the same disease. At this time, Lin Xiaofeng also began to doubt the relationship between Song Jianping and Juanzi, and the fighting at home recurred. No matter how Song Jianping explained his innocence, Lin Xiaofeng still didn’t believe it at all. The deep reason for her unbelief is actually the extreme lack of self-confidence caused by the psychological and physical imbalance of middle-aged women. In order to catch evidence that her husband had an affair, Lin Xiaofeng decided to use sleeping pills to fascinate Song Jianping and Juanzi, but after all he could not bear to do it. So far, the relationship between Song and Lin has reached a very dangerous edge.

Lin Xiaofeng’s endless and almost crazy noise has long aroused the dissatisfaction of the foreign bosses of the hospital. Song Jianping is in an embarrassing situation in the unit and is almost in danger of being fired. The annoyed Song Jianping was completely desperate for his marriage at this moment. He hated Lin Xiaofeng, who put him in this situation, and insisted on divorcing him. In order to leave this home and leave this “typhoon center” that made him feel little warm, he took the initiative to ask the hospital to send him to Tibet. One night, the two had a dispute, and then they started, Dangdang persuaded, it was useless, they began to draw on the back of their hands with a fruit knife, suicide, to attract the attention of the two, suddenly, Dangdang, blood on the back of the hand, was making a fuss. Lin rushed out of the house holding the injured Dangdang. Dangdang’s injury and the cause of the injury caused the child’s grandmother Lin Mu ( Lv Zhong ) to relapse and was admitted to the hospital.

Mother Lin is a reasonable, tolerant and literary worker in the army. When her husband cheated and had Lin Xiaofeng, she not only did not make trouble in the army, but calmly forgave Father Lin ( played by Shi Weijian ) . After Lin’s death, Lin Father told Lin Xiaofeng that Lin’s mother was not actually her biological mother. Lin Xiaofeng was greatly shaken. Lin Xiaofeng came to Song Jianping’s hospital again. She told Song Jianping and the staff of the hospital about her feelings about marriage over the years, and agreed to divorce Song Jianping, which surprised everyone.

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