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100% Senorita (2004) 千金百分百

100% Senorita
Other Title: 千金百分百 / Qian Jin Bai Fen Bai / Twin Sisters

Genres: drama, romance
Shen Yi (沈怡), Long Guan Wu (龍冠武), Zhou Xiao Peng (周曉鵬)
Zheng Wen Hua (鄭文華), Wang Qi Sheng (王齊生), Lin Jiu Yu (林久愉), Luo Cai Juan
Release Date: 
November 13, 2003
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  • Chen Qiao En as Liang Xiao Feng 梁小鳳 / Zhuang Fei Yang 莊飛揚
  • Penny Lin as Zhuang Fei Yang 莊飛揚
  • Wallace Huo as Li Wei Xiang 李韋翔
  • Deric Wan as Pan Bi De (Peter) 番彼德
  • Jason Hsu as Meng Zhe Lin 孟晢林
  • Jason Tang (唐志中) as Ma Ji 麻吉
  • Ke Yi Rou as Ba Bi 芭比
  • Liu Guang Yuan (劉光遠) as Pa Zi 趴子
  • Joyce Zhao as Feng Xiao Chan 封小嬋
  • Jiang Zu Ping as Chen Sha Sha 陳莎莎
  • Liao Jun (廖峻) as Hong Bo 洪伯
  • Ke Shu Qin as Yang Zhu Fang 楊竹芳

A surrogate mother gives birth to twins. She keeps Liang Xiao Feng and gives away Zhuang Fei Yang who grows up in a wealthy family. Zhuang Fei Yang is the heiress of Formosa Inc. a company owned by her dad and CEO Peter. When her father dies, Peter tries to kill the beautiful heiress. Fortunately, she survives without Peter knowing and undergoes plastic surgery that makes her face look completely different.

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