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Other Name: I LOVE 飞轮海 FOREVER

Genre: novel, online game
Author: Ding Dong
Year: 2010
Chapter: N/A
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Yingkai College is a nationally renowned university. On this day, four transfer students came to this world-famous college at the same time. They are Wu Genglin, Chen Yiru, Wang Dongcheng, and Wu Jizun. On the same day, the four boys turned to the bud, Wu Genglin carrying a bag and walking in front. He looked at the fallen leaves on the ground, looked at the sky, and squatted down; picked up a fallen leaf from the ground and smiled. Wang Dongcheng likes Han Xiaoxuan, Wu Zun likes Han Xiaoxuan, Chen also likes Han Xiaoxuan, and Aaron likes Han Xiaoxuan. Because of this, four people are very distressed, especially Han Xiaoxuan has four handsome boys who like her, how will she choose. ?

Free Reading Highlights:
Yingkai College is a nationally renowned university. On this day, four transfer students came to this world-famous college at the same time.

They are Wu Genglin, Chen Yiru, Wang Dongcheng, and Wu Jizun. The four boys transferred to Yingkai Academy on the same day.

Wu Genglin walked in front carrying a bag. He looked at the fallen leaves on the ground, looked at the sky, and squatted down; he picked up a fallen leaf from the ground and smiled.

Chen Yiru was walking gracefully with a book in his hand.

Holding a big bag in his hand, Wang Dongcheng walked over in a rampage.

And Wu Jizun walked over while talking on the phone.


The book in Chen Yiru’s hand fell to the ground. Chen Yiru looked up at Wang Dongcheng, the book that knocked him off, and Wang Dongcheng looked at Chen Yiru indifferently.

“Please pick up the book for me, okay?”

Chen Yiru said politely.

“I don’t want it, how?”

Hearing the noise, Wu Genglin looked back; he walked up to Wang Dongcheng and Chen Yiru, he looked at Wang Dongcheng and Chen Yiru. Without saying anything, he picked up Chen Yiru’s book and handed it to Chen Yiru.

“what are you doing?”

“I’m helping you, OK? You knocked someone’s book off, and I will help you pick it up.”

“Don’t be nosy.”


“How is it?”

At this time, Chen Yiru, who was standing on the side, couldn’t stand it anymore, and punched Wang Dongcheng; then, Wang Dongcheng punched Chen Yiru again.

“Hey, don’t fight anymore.”

Wu Genglin roared, and Wang Dongcheng and Chen Yiru stopped and looked at Wu Genglin.

“Is it interesting for you to fight like this?”

“How are you?”

After speaking, Wang Dongcheng punched Wu Genglin, and then they fought together, including Chen Yiru.

Wu Jizun, who was in the back, felt very curious to see the person fighting in front, and stepped forward. He looked at the three people who were fighting in a ball. He didn’t say anything, just watched quietly from the side.

“What are you doing?”

Suddenly, the four people heard a roar at the same time. Wu Genglin, Chen Yiru, and Wang Dongcheng stopped fighting; looking at the sound source, Wu Jizun also looked over.

“What are you doing? Go, you four will go with me.”

It was the instructor of Yingkai Academy who told them to leave.

The four of them stayed on the spot and looked at each other, but they didn’t speak.

The instructor came over and looked at the four of them.

“I said you four, why are you dazed, follow me.”

The four of them looked at the instructor in a tacit understanding, because they didn’t know how good the instructor in Yingkai Academy was.

“What do you four look at, let’s go.”

The four people followed the instructor to the teaching office. The four stood in a row.

“Say, which class of the four of you are in, dare to fight and make trouble at school?”

The four of them were silent, not talking to each other.

“Say! I told you to say, don’t say, today you will go to the playground to run 3o laps for me, and then do me 5oo squats.”

The instructor looked at them angrily, but the four of them still said nothing. The instructor saw that the four of them did not speak, his expression changed again and again. The instructor took a sip of water and calmed down.

“The four of you tell me, which class are you from? Say.”

“Instructor, calm down, I am a transfer student who has just transferred, and I am not involved. You can let me go.”

Wu Jizun spoke first. At the same time he looked at Wu Genglin, Wang Dongcheng, and Chen Yiru.

“Instructor, I am also a transfer student.”

At this moment, Wu Genglin, Wang Dongcheng, and Chen Yiru said in unison.

The instructor glanced at the four people suspiciously.

“The four of you guys are getting through, right?”

“Instructor, I really don’t know them. If you don’t believe me, you can ask them.”

Wu Jizun looked at the three of Wang Dongcheng, who nodded at the same time.

The instructor looked at Wu Jizun again, then looked at the other three people, nodded, and signaled Wu Jizun to go out.

Now only Wu Genglin, Chen Yiru and Wang Dong are left in the teaching office.

“Well, now you guys explain what you did just now.”

The three of them didn’t know what to say, but each looked to one side.

“I told you to talk about it.”

“What did we do, instructor, you should have seen it?”

Wang Dongcheng said indifferently against the wall.

“Okay, let’s not say it, let’s go to the playground, I’ll come over later, go!”

The instructor was a little angry.

Wang Dongcheng still walked in the front indifferently, and Wu Genglin and Chen Yiru walked side by side in the back.

“Sorry, you were also involved.”

Chen Yiru said with some shame.

Wu Genglin smiled and said nothing.

On the playground, Wang Dongcheng lay lazily on the grass; looking at Wu Genglin and Chen Yiru who were walking in his direction.

“Oh, the sun today is really comfortable, but the person on the other side is not so comfortable anymore, hehe…”

Wang Dongcheng said to himself.


Chen Yiru looked at Wang Dongcheng who was lying on the grass a little angrily; Chen Yiru was about to walk over to make a clear statement with Wang Dongcheng, but was held by Wu Genglin who was standing aside.

“Don’t be impulsive, we just came out of the teaching department.”

Chen Yiru looked at Wu Genglin and nodded.

“Hey, what a bad luck today!”

When Wang Dongcheng saw that Wu Genglin and Chen Yiru were silent, he started talking to himself again.

Chen Yiru looked at Wu Genglin next to him, did not say anything, and went straight to Wang Dongcheng. Chen Yiru saw Wang Dongcheng lying on the grass, and thought to himself, why he looks indifferent every time he doesn’t care. It’s the same now.


“What are you doing?”

Before Chen Yiru finished speaking, he heard the familiar voice.


Wu Genglin turned around and saw the instructor who had just been separated.

“You, you, you, what are you three doing, what do I tell you to do. Quickly, 3o laps, run 3o laps for me first.”

The three of them walked helplessly to the track and ran round after round. One circle, two circles,…, the sun filled the entire campus, warm, the light golden yellow of the sun sprinkled on the tips of the three. The sweat soaked through the clothes, dripping dripping on the head, cheeks, and the bridge of the nose. 19 laps, 2o laps………… 25 laps, 26 laps, 27 laps, 28 laps, 29 laps, 3o laps. Finally finished running, the three of them stood in place, half-bent over and panting. The sun is dazzling, but the three of them look even more dazzling in the sun.

“Don’t let the three of you stay where you are, come here.”

The three raised their heads, glanced at the instructor, and then walked over.

“Well, I’m very tired. Tell you to talk. If you don’t say it, this is punishment. Do you say it now?”

“Instructor, we are really transfer students.”

Chen Yiru explained.

The instructor nodded.

“I told you to tell you why you were fighting, but I didn’t tell you to say that you are transfer students.”

“Instructor, let me say first…”

“Instructor, let me first say…”

The three are vying for who to say first.

“Don’t make a noise, say one by one, you, you say first.” The instructor pointed at Wu Genglin.

“That’s it. I walked ahead and heard…”

“Speaking of the point…”

“Well, the point is that we started fighting.”

Wu Genglin answered the instructor like this.

“Instructor, you think he doesn’t want to say at all, for me.”

The instructor looked at Wang Dongcheng who was talking and nodded.

“Instructor, it’s actually like this…”

“Instructor, it’s not like that, it’s like this…”

Wang Dongcheng and Chen Yiru talked verbally, but the instructor did not stop them.

“Okay, I understand, you can stop.”

Wang Dongcheng and Chen Yiru didn’t speak anymore. The playground is very quiet now, only the chirping of birds can be heard.

“By the way, which class did you transfer to?”

“Class 5 of the second year”

After speaking, the three looked at each other.

“Wow, what a coincidence, we are actually classmates!” Wang Dongcheng said loudly.

“Look, don’t fight and make trouble anymore, go, I will take you to your classroom.”

After the instructor finished speaking, he went to the forefront; because he didn’t want them to see his smile. He thought they were cute and straightforward, just like him when he was young.

The three of them walked silently behind, without speaking. Wang Dongcheng looked at Wu Genglin and Chen Yiru; they looked straight ahead, there was no expression on Wu Genglin’s face, and Chen Yiru’s face had a faint smile.

“Hey, why aren’t you talking?” Wang Dongcheng couldn’t stand his loneliness, so he started talking.

Still silent, no one spoke, Wang Dongcheng looked around for a moment, and there was a girl looking towards them; Wang Dongcheng waved the girl quickly, who knew that the girl ignored him, turned around and left. In order to save face, Wang Dongcheng pretended that he was scratching his head; but he couldn’t hide his embarrassment.

“Well, you three, here it is, this is your classroom.”

The three raised their heads at the same time, looked at the classroom, and then walked in.

“Okay, classmates be quiet. Now the teacher introduces you three new classmates.”

The three of them looked at the teacher at the same time, and the teacher was also looking at them.

“Then invite three classmates to introduce themselves.”

As soon as the teacher finished speaking, the following classmates yelled: “Say it quickly, what are your names?”

There are also some girls talking below: “Wow, look at the guy on the far left is so handsome.”

Wang Dongcheng walked to the podium first, looked at the teacher, and then at the classmates. “Hello everyone, my name is Wang Dongcheng, you can come to me if you have something to do, especially if you want to learn.”

After speaking, Wang Dongcheng found a place to sit down. Next, it’s Wu Genglin.

“My name is Wu Genglin.”

Wu Genglin’s words are very simple, and he is the same, and will continue after speaking.

“Hello everyone, my name is Chen Yiru, you can call me Yiru.”

“Okay, the introductions of the three classmates are over. Now we start the class, and now we turn to…”

“Teacher, wait a minute…” Wu Genglin interrupted the teacher.

“What’s the matter? Student Wu Genglin.”

“Teacher, where is my dormitory, I want to put my bag.”

“Yes, teacher, where is our dormitory?” Wang Dongcheng said.


Wu Jizun and Chen Yiru also said at the same time; Chen Yiru looked at Wu Jizun: “Are you also in this class?”

“Yeah, Class 5 of the second year.”

The teacher looked at the four people: “Go to the teaching office and find an instructor, he will arrange it for you. Do you know where the teaching office is?”

“Well, teacher, we know.” Wu Genglin glanced at Wang Dongcheng when he finished speaking.

The four people walked out of the classroom and walked to the teaching office.

“Why are you here again?” The instructor looked at them and asked suspiciously.

“Instructor, we asked you to arrange a dormitory for us.”

Wu Jizun said.

“Oh, that’s how it is. Then you four will go with me.”

The four followed the instructor and walked to the boys’ dormitory. The instructor took out four keys and gave them to four people.

“Go in, this is the dormitory of the four of you. Don’t fight and make trouble, have you heard? I’m leaving now.”

The four walked in and put down their luggage.

“Hey, I think we are really destined? First, we had a fight, and then we were in the same bedroom in the same class.” Wang Dongcheng said while lying on the bed.

The other three did not speak, but they all admitted in their hearts.

“Come on, let’s get to know each other.” Wu Jizun suggested.

“Don’t you know everyone?” Wu Genglin replied.

“En?” Chen Yiru looked at Wu Genglin very puzzled.

“We all introduced ourselves.”

Wu Jizun nodded: “My name is Wu Jizun.”

They know each other, they know each other.

In this way, their first day of knowing each other is over.

At night, all four of them slept soundly; the stars in the sky twinkled, among which four stars were the most shining; and, if you look closely, you will find that these four stars can be connected in a line.

Do the four stars in the sky symbolize them? There are points of light for each other, and because of the existence of the other side, it is even more shiny.

Through the window, the light from the stars shone in; hitting the four of them, the dots of light seemed very charming at night.

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