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The Legend of Xiao Zhuang 大玉儿传奇 Episode 74 Recap

Ruoxi told her father that her mother’s mood back then can now be understood. She is a Han Chinese and should not be with the Manchus who slaughtered Han Chinese. She and Fulin are only one step away, but they can’t cross it. This is the hatred that cannot be eliminated between the people. Fulin comforted her that our love has nothing to do with the country and nation, and I cannot face the future without you.

Wu Keshan asked Yu’er, what was going on with the wedding? Who was the girl in Fulin’s heart? Knowing that Fulin likes a Han woman, Wu Keshan sneered. Yuer wants Fulin and her to step back. She agrees to marry Ruoxi, but only if Fulin must make Nabuqi the queen. Fulin still refuses to agree and proposes to marry Nabuqi, but Ruoxi must be a queen. The two broke up unhappily.

Wu Keshan felt that Ruoxi was an obstacle to her daughter’s marriage, and sent a killer to kill Ruoxi. If Xi went to Tianning Temple to burn incense for his mother, Dorgon happened to also worship Lvzhu. The killer wanted to kill Ruoxi, but was stabbed to death by Dorgon.

Dorgon asked Anduohai to open another marriage. This time, he really wanted to get married, so he didn’t need to send a wedding invitation to the Queen Mother. When Fulin heard that the woman Dorgon was about to marry was Ruoxi, he stepped forward to stop him. But Dorgon said ironically, don’t want to take away the woman I’m fond of. Dorgon ordered Anduohai to send the betrothal letter of appointment to the Li Mansion, and named Li Ruoxi as the royal father and regent King Dafujin.

Li Yiqian asked Ruo Xi to take her parcel and fly high with Fulinyuan. Unexpectedly, all the city gates were sealed off by Dorgon. Fulin and Ruoxi made an oath that if they couldn’t help it, they would die together. The time was set on the day Ruoxi went to Huaqiao.

Yuer wants Fulin to forget Ruoxi, and don’t lose her mind because of a woman. Fulin knew that Huang Eniang didn’t understand what Ruoxi meant to her, and that she was more important than her own life. He wants Yu’er as if he had never given birth to this son. Yu’er slapped Fulin with anger and asked him not to forget that he was the emperor of Qing Dynasty. Fulin said that there is no emperor more pitiful than himself, he is just an ant at the feet of Dorgon. He begged Huang Eniang to agree to the last thing, which was to bury Ruoxi and himself.

Yu’er asked Dorgon, knowing that Fulin and Ruoxi are a pair, why did they split them alive. If you want to retaliate against her, don’t vent your anger to the child. Dorgon sneered and said, this time it was not to make Yu’er jealous to get married, but to really want to marry Ruoxi. She is Lvzhu’s daughter, Lvzhu’s spirit in the sky, and can’t bear to see herself alone, so she sent her daughter to herself. Coming around. Finally, Dorgon said bitterly, I married her because I really wanted to marry her. Sorry, I fell in love with someone else. Yuer left with a heartache.

On the day of her marriage, Ruoxi sat in a bridal costume in front of the mirror, holding Bai Ling in her hand and preparing to commit suicide. At this time, Yu’er appeared and asked her to take off her bridal gown and hurried to rescue Fulin in a carriage.

Dorgon rode a tall horse to pick up the bride in person. After taking the bride to the sedan chair, he announced loudly that this was the most proud wedding in my life, and I finally married the person I wanted to marry! After replacing Ruoxi, Yu’er dressed as a bride sitting in the sedan chair. She secretly confessed that Dorgon insisted on opposing the emperor of Qing Dynasty, that is, against the Emperor of Qing Dynasty, and that Qing Dynasty could not tolerate him anymore. For her son, for the sake of Qing Dynasty, she can only fail Dorgon once again. Please forgive her for her cruelty and decision. May they be born in an ordinary family in the next life and live a life without disputes.

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