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The Legend of Xiao Zhuang 大玉儿传奇 Episode 69 Recap

Because of Fulin’s death, Da Yuer can no longer care about his love with Dorgon. In Fulin’s mourning hall, she beat Dorgon fiercely, no matter how Dorgon swore that he did not kill Fulin, she would not listen. Fulin was her life, and now he was gone, Yuer vented all her hatred on Dorgon. Dorgon gave Yu’er a knife and asked her to kill herself, but Yu’er still couldn’t do it with the knife.

Fulin felt that serving as a servant in Li’s Mansion was the happiest time in his life. Li’s daughter Ruoxi is not only knowledgeable, but also kind and considerate. If Xi knows that Fulin is not an ordinary person, even though he is now silly and stupid, he is really cute. Ruoxi took Fulin to the street to buy a lot of toys and brought them to the orphanage run by his father to visit the children. Ruo Xi said that her goal in life is to live happily and do enough good things. Fulin looked at her and felt that this was a girl with a difference. They saw an obituary issued by the imperial palace on the street, and the Qing emperor died. Ruoxi’s father Li, told them that the emperor was locked in Xianning Palace and burned to death.

Na Muzhong brought Boguoer to express condolences to Fulin. She found Da Yuer and asked him to support Boguoer ascending the throne. The first emperor’s last wish was to let the prince ascend the throne. If Dorgon became emperor, it would be usurped the throne. Zhezhe fell ill on the bed, dragged the sick body to discuss with Da Yuer, and now he can only support Boguoer. Now in the court, no one can compete with Dorgon. Mr. Fan, who was loyal to the first emperor, went to recuperate from illness, and Hong Chengchou was Dorgon’s powerful arm. They only left Sony and Ober.

Seeing that the situation was profitable, Namuzhong asked her father, Abadiai, to go to Beijing to support her. She did not expect that Yu’er and Dorgon would also have a day when they turned against each other. Bogor was afraid that Dorgon would go to war with the entire Mongolia because of this, and many people would die in this way. Namu Jong told Bogor that if you want to make a big thing, you must be cruel

Fulin felt that it must be Dorgon who wanted him to die, so he set the fire. That’s good, it really relieved him. He didn’t know his mother’s grief, and thought that she could be with Dorgon without scruple. Fulin and Ruoxi are in love, and Fulin confides to Ruoxi that his past is too heavy, and there is only gloom, hatred and shame in his life. Only after I met Ruoxi did I know that there is another beautiful and peaceful world.

Dorgon blamed Da Yuer for not supporting Boguoer. If Bogor succeeds to the throne, Na Muzhong will control the government. She is a snobbery and insidious woman who will destroy the Qing Dynasty. The Qing Dynasty condensed the hard work of their father and son two generations, and he will not let anyone ruin it. The situation in the Qing Dynasty is now in danger, and the insurgents and the resurgent forces are resurrected. If they are not properly controlled, the Qing Dynasty will inevitably be insecure. In the current situation, only oneself can turn the tide. Da Yuer was dazzled by the hatred, and ignored Dorgon’s explanation. He bitterly said, if you want to ascend to the throne, please step on my body in the Palace of the Qing Dynasty.

Dorgon asked Dudor to adopt his son Dolbo to him. Dorgon felt that he was not in good health and could not live long. If in Hao’s motto, he died prematurely, let Dolbo succeed him, and Dado will serve in the government. The Jiangshan of the Qing Dynasty can be assured by Duoduo and his sons, because the best people must take on this important task. This time, he complied with the destiny of heaven, and became a chaser and thief, whoever got in the way would kill him.

Azige stopped Lord Abadi outside the city and executed him for trespassing in the capital with intent to rebel, and hanged his body in front of Desheng Gate.

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