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Lady & Liar 千金女贼 Episode 33 Recap

Secretary Wang told Jiang Xin that Sheng Jiewen had sold the Sheng family. Jiang Xin wanted Secretary Wang to return the money to Sheng Jiewen as soon as possible, but after hearing what Secretary Wang said, he decided to use Sheng Jiewen’s money to advance the Ye family’s debt. Bai Zhengqing came to the Bodhisattva Temple and asked the Bodhisattva, he owed a debt to someone, whether he still had a chance to pay it. The fortune-teller gave him a divination and signed a repayment. Bai Zhengqing thanked the Bodhisattva. Since it can be paid, it is enough, but the only way Bai Zhengqing can think of helping her is to hurt her.

Sheng Jiewen woke up, Jiang Xin was very worried about him, she thanked him for everything he did for her. Seeing Jiang Xin’s smile, Sheng Jiewen was very pleased. Someone came to Yejia Textile Factory to make trouble. It turned out that Tang Hu and Manager Diao’s adulterated silk was discovered. Jiang Xin promised to be responsible to the end. The other party refused to agree. They smashed the office and Jiang Xin took one first. Bi Sheng Jiewen’s money was allocated to them. Jiang Xin stroked the plaque that was smashed from the wall by them, and cried silently. She was very guilty, and she had trampled on Grandpa Ye’s lifelong reputation.

The three-day deadline is approaching. If Jiang Xin can’t pay any more, he will declare the Ye family bankrupt. In order to protect Master Ye’s life’s hard work, Jiang Xin decided to go to the hotel to find Cao Long. When Secretary Wang came back, he saw Jiang Xin’s note on the table, and immediately hurried out to ask Bai Zhengqing for help. Cao Long asked Jiang Xin to sign the agreement. Cao Long wanted to act on her. Bai Zhengqing came in to stop Cao Long.

He told Cao Long that he wanted to buy the Ye family. After Cao Long left, Bai Zhengqing looked at the agreement on the table. He told Jiang Xin that Cao Long had cheated, and Cao Long had no intention of helping her from the beginning. Jiang Xin asked Bai Zhengqing why he wanted to help him, and Bai Zhengqing asked Jiang Xin to marry him. Marrying Bai Zhengqing is the only way Jiang Xin can save the Ye family.

The next day Jiang Xin called Sheng Jiewen to get up. She was afraid that Sheng Jiewen would be sad. She lied to him that it was Master Ye’s former friend who saved the Ye family’s debt. Sheng Jiewen happily ate Jiang Xin’s breakfast. He said it was the perfect one. Thing. Jiang Xin helped Sheng Jiewen go out for a walk, and the two chatted happily.

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