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Spiritual Realm Season 1

Spiritual Realm Season One (Anime)
Other Name: 灵域第一季

Genres: Anime
Yang Xiaoxuan, Wang Xin
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In this piece of heaven and earth called the spiritual realm, there is a continent of Chilan, where the warriors and spirit weapons on the continent have a clear hierarchy, and the clans and sect forces also have strict class levels. Under the leadership of the highest class Xuantian League, human warriors and evil races have been fighting cruelly on the nether battlefield for thousands of years.

A Soul Eater escaped from the crack in the Nether Battlefield into the Chilan Continent where the human race lived, and brutally slaughtered Fengjia Town and Gaojia Town. The young Qin Lie of Lingjia Town, together with Ling Yushi, Gao Yu, who grew up with him, were ordered to assist the Xuantian League in destroying the Soul Eater. Qin Lie did not expect that he was involved in a huge conspiracy from then on. In order to protect his friends and save his beloved, the power hidden in his blood is gradually awakening.

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