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Spiritual Dialogue

Spiritual Dialogue
Other Title: 灵域对话

Genres: document
China, Taiwan
Shi Xiaojun
Shi Xiaojun
Release Date: 
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The “Spiritual Dialogue” of National Geographic Channel is a film from Taiwan’s point of view to record the discussion of Taiwanese people’s life and death issues through folk religions and customs. The film features two cases of a director’s best friend and the Huang family of Yunlin , To look at the attitudes held by the two worlds of life and death.

Taiwan is a modern society, but many people still believe in the ancient beliefs and rituals of death. 36-year-old Paul (Paul) is facing death; 34-year-old Georgia (Georgia) is looking for ways to talk to her deceased husband. But the dead can really “talk”? Death has always been a topic full of fear and obsession in human society.

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