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Golden Faith (2002) 流金岁月

Golden Faith (流金岁月)
Other Title: 流金岁月, 流金歲月, 流金岁月, Lau Kum Sui Yuet, Liu Jin Sui Yue

Genres: drama
Hong Kong
 Liang Jiashu
Release Date: 
September 16, 2002
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  • Gallen Lo as Ting Sin Bun 丁善本 / Chung Tin Yan 鍾天恩 (Ivan)
  • Raymond Lam as Ting Sin Hang 丁善行 (Oscar)
  • Myolie Wu as Ting Sin Yan 丁善茵 (Yan Yan)
  • Paul Chun as Ting Wing Bong 丁榮邦
  • Gigi Wong as San Yu Bo 申如寶 (Ebel)
  • Felix Lok as Ting Wing Tung 丁榮通
  • Michelle Fung as Kei Man 紀雯 (Wing Tung’s wife)
  • Jessica Hsuan as Ching Tin Lam 程天藍 (Rachel)
  • Michelle Yip as Ching Siu Yu 程小雨 (Rain)
  • Lau Kong as Ching Choi San 程在山
  • Ching Hor Wai as Yun Hei Nga 袁希雅
  • Deric Wan as Chung Sau Hong 鍾守康 / Chung Tin Chi 鍾天賜 (Richard)
  • Tavia Yeung as Chung Chui Yee 鍾翠兒 (Kiko)
  • Lau Dan as Chung Wai Kuk 鍾懷谷 (Sau Hong’s uncle)
  • Mannor Chan as Yu Kwan Yuk 余昆玉

A gift of nurturing, a burden of life; Two brotherhoods in exchange for a double sacrifice.
Jinye talent Ding Shanben went to Australia for business and met Cheng Tianlan. The two had a romantic relationship in a foreign land. Unexpectedly, after returning to Hong Kong, Ben was immediately involved in a gold shop robbery. Ben was charged with receiving stolen goods, and the prosecutor he had to face in court was Lan. It turned out that both parents died at a young age and separated from his brother Zhong Shoukang. Everyone thought that each other was buried in the sea. Ben was adopted by the gangster Ding Rongbang and he was always cultivated as a parent-child. Later, Bang made a fortune and bought Dingfeng Gold Shop and became a gold merchant. Bang gave Dingfeng Gold to Ben to take care of it, and he was The partial business of quick money is always unstoppable.

Benin was involved in a case of receiving stolen stolen goods. The police who arrested Ben and accused Ben turned out to be Ben’s long-lost brother, Zhong Shoukang. Although Ben knows Kang is his own brother, but because of his awkward status, he does not want to affect Kang’s future and dare not recognize each other. Because of his complicated background, Kang Yi has a limited number of good people. As the prosecutor, Lan believed in the law, and was convicted of both innocence and innocence.

Ben and Lan intend to continue their development, but Lan finds that there is a confidante Gui Lifu beside Ben, and the relationship between the two seems to be entangled. Lan didn’t know that there was actually another reason inside. He knew each other with Fu, but ended up with a gentleman. Kang has been secretly in love with Lan and disagrees with Ben until Kang is suspected of embezzling the stolen money during the mission, and Ben secretly helps him, and Kang is innocent. Kang’s view of Ben has changed.

But soon after he died of illness, he took over the family business to repay the family business. Even if he offends the people in the world, he still sticks to his position and fights with bold means to the end. But because of this, Ben was misunderstood by Kang and Lan as an unscrupulous black figure. Kang was forced to draw a clear line with Ben. Lan Yi reluctantly cut off his relationship with Ben, and rationally chose to accept Kang’s pursuit. Kang finally found an informant to testify against Ben’s family. Unexpectedly, the informant was killed. Kang thought it was his act and vowed to bring him to justice, but he never thought of the twists and turns in the middle. The informant’s death was indirectly caused by him. . Lan seems to have given up his mind to Ben rationally, and actively review the evidence to prevent any mistakes. Who knows

In the process, the truth was discovered, and Ben and Kang were actually brothers! Lan finally understood the burden the firm was carrying, and believed that the innocence should be repaid from the standpoint of justice. In fact, he still had no feelings for the firm in his heart. While Kang Yin suspected that Lan was privately checking the basket with Ben, he also discovered the truth that he was his own brother, but Yin Kang suspected that he was Ben’s informant and refused to recognize Ben.

Ben and Xiong Baitao have always been rivals in business. Because Fu and Tao had a business-style love relationship, and Fu was in love with Ben, the competition between Ben and Tao turned into a private grievance. Tao has been deliberately deliberate to avenge the two, Fu was troubled, and finally killed Tao under a mental breakdown. Originally for Fu’s crime, he did not hesitate to expose Lan’s personal affair with him, to combat Lan’s credibility as the master of the case. Lan was emotionally injured, which caused Kang to officially break with Ben.

Ben hopes to completely wash out the family business, and is determined to enter the international market for gold trading and achieve the international level of 9999. This is the dream of my life. It is a pity that righteous brother Ding Shanxing misunderstood Ben as a sinner trying to swallow his family property under the instigation of his uncle Ding Rongtong. Acting to maintain his father’s life-long career, he must be forced away. In order to avoid the conflict between brothers, he chose to retire resolutely and give up Dingfeng Gold.

At this point, Kang Helan finally understood Ben’s painstaking efforts and the causes and consequences of all misunderstandings, and the rift between the brothers was repaired. But when Ben and Lan’s love was about to blossom and bear fruit, Xing was used, Dingfeng fell into a financial crisis, acted to save the family business, and once again got involved in the underworld business. This was to repay the country’s kindness, and he couldn’t let his son embark on the road of no return. He had to return to the world and turn the tide, and hesitate to act for the crime.

As a result, Kang has to face the arrest of his brother himself, and Lan also has to face the loss of his favorite. In the end, he was willing to take legal sanctions for his own past, but he also won the brotherhood of Kang and the true love of Lan. In a spirit of self-sacrifice, he realized both love and justice, just like gold after thousands of tempers. , And finally showed its brilliance.

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