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Golden Faith 流金岁月 Episode 21 Recap

Rare Desire and Sky Blue Combination.

Tianlan said frankly that she didn’t feel electric shock to Shou Kang, and Xiao Yu said that she still had a rare book. The police found that Fanghui’s lover was Patrick, and Shou Kang and Xiao Yu went to the pub where he frequented for investigation. Xiao Yu found out with beauty that Patrick and Mr. Kutai were on vacation abroad. Shoukang suspects that Kotai is Fanghui, and speculates that Patrick is related to her disappearance, but Xiaoyu thinks that Baitao is more suspicious.

Rubao gradually feels life is distressed and hopes to work at Dingfeng, but is troubled by the rare book. Yunheng proposes that Rubao be a PR to sell jewellery to Kotai. Shanyin clamored to return to work and be a useful person. If Bao refused, the rare book helped lobby. Shanyin lost her way when she sent the sketches to the workshop. She walked into the vault and met Situ Jia.

Situ Jia taught her to draw a map to recognize the way using a notebook, and then gave her a notebook. Rubao was shocked to learn that Shanyin had made a mentally handicapped friend, and worried that Situ Jia would not be able to do the job. Later, he was relieved when he saw that he was working hard and carefully. Baitao went to the mortuary to recognize the corpse, and when he saw the female corpse, he contemptuously pointed out that she was the biological mother who abandoned her husband and abandon her son.

Bai Tao’s envoy tricked Liv into meeting, saying that his mental imbalance was due to the woman, and revealed that Liv resembled his dead first love, and asked to reconcile with her. Liv was panicked. Wen Ji revealed that the real murderer of Jichang was a chicken rib, and the rare book let go of his mind. Shan Yin sent the brocade box to Sky Lan. When Sky Lan saw the “Guardian Star” in the brocade box, her mind was disturbed.

Xiao Yu speculated that the rare book wanted to reconcile, and she also pointed out that Sky Lan had no feelings for him. Liv suddenly resigned and went to France to study. Rare Book suspected that she had another reason, and only agreed to let her take a half-year vacation. The police found Fanghui’s body and arrested Baitao in Mingshi. Sky Blue returned the “Guardian Star” to the rare book and then turned and left, feeling helpless, and suddenly heard the call of Sky Blue, and was fainted when he checked.

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