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A Beautiful Daughter-in-Law Era (2010) 媳妇的美好时代

A Beautiful Daughter-in-Law Era
Other Title: 媳妇的美好时代, Xi Fu De Mei Hao Shi Dai, A Beautiful Daughter-in-Law Era

Genres: drama
 Liu Jiang (刘江)
Wang Li Ping (王丽萍)
Dragon TV
Release Date: 
March, 2000
Related Show:
Novel Xi Fu De Mei Hao Shi Dai by Wang Li Ping (王丽萍)


  • Hai Qing as Mao Dou Dou
  • Huang Hai Bo as Yu Wei
  • Lin Shen as Mao Feng
  • Bai Han as Cao Xin Mei
  • Liu Li Li as Wang Sheng Hong
  • Li Guang Fu as Mao Jian Hua
  • Yue Yue as Yu Hao
  • Zhang Jia Ning as Pan Mei Li
  • Liang Jing Ke as Qin Su Su
  • Du Wei as Long Jin
  • Ji Qi Lin as Yu Hong Shui
  • Zhu Rui as Pan Feng Huang
  • Gao Bao Bao as Yao Jing
  • Feng Jia Yi as Li Ruo Qiu
  • Li Kun Lin as Yang Yi Fan
  • Gang Yi as Wang Fa
  • Shi Yan Jing as Yang Shu

The emergency room nurse Modoudou and the photographer of the photo studio were on a blind date, but they met Li Ruoqiu, Modoudou’s first love, and their blind date broke up. In the evening, Mao Feng, the younger brother of Maodoudou, the up-and-coming magician, took his girlfriend Qin Susu home for dinner, and announced that the two would be wedding soon. Edamame’s parents had nothing to do with this son. The wedding was held as scheduled, but the bridegroom announced his fear of marriage on the second day of the new marriage. After playing on his own, he disappeared, and asked for a divorce. After all, he asked to be 7-year-old. The daughter stays at the Maododou’s house to take care of it as a condition for divorce. That’s the end of a day’s marriage.

Edamame started going on blind dates one after another. What is incredible is that every time a different person introduces them to the aftertaste, the edamame and aftertaste can’t help but take a close look at each other. Yuwei confessed the purpose of successive blind dates. It turned out that he had been pretending to be a drowning friend and sending his photos to his grandmother for many years, and now that grandma is old, he hopes to see his “grandson” find a wife soon The aftertaste is to satisfy the wishes of the elderly.

The kind-hearted edamame was moved, and the two gradually developed feelings, and soon they reached the stage of meeting their parents. Aftertaste, beforehand, he had “two fathers, two mothers, and a sister who lost her husband on the second day of marriage.” His complicated family situation told Mao Doudou that his father and mother were remarried after divorce, and the two mothers were at odds. Edamame hesitated again and again, but still summoned the courage to ask Aftertaste to arrange a meeting between the two parents. The situation of the scene can be imagined. Edamame is in a dilemma.

Yuwei and Maodoudou finally got married. After the wedding, they returned home. Yuwei’s father’s sister had officially informed them that she would live with the Yuwei couple. After complaining, they had to put on a smile and make a welcome letter.

Life after marriage is fairly peaceful. Although there is a quirky aftertaste sister Yu Hao who is constantly picking up thorns and causing trouble, it is all because of Edamame’s tolerance and carelessness. The existence of the two mothers-in-law really embarrassed Edamame, and even the number of visits by Edamame separately, the number of gifts bought, etc. will be used as evidence of favoritism.

Wars are raging here, and Mao Feng, Mao Doudou’s younger brother, was abandoned by Long Jin when he was preparing to marry a rich woman Long Jin. He was very depressed because before, he was the only one who didn’t want women and no women didn’t want him. In frustration, he met Pan Meili, a rural girl, who called Pan Meili the “original” girl.

The two got married quickly while everyone was stunned. Not long before the marriage, Pan Meili’s various “original ecology” performances gradually became intolerable to Mao Feng, and he began to be entangled with Long Jin again, but Pan Meili treated him with simple love as always.

Yuwei’s stepfather was suddenly diagnosed with cancer, and his stepfather’s son Yang Yifan drove back from the island. He was a soldier guarding the island. Facing Yang Yifan’s arrogant nature, Yu Hao was a little tempted. Because Yang Yifan’s work is important and busy, he cannot stay at home for long. Yu Hao and Mao Doudou took the initiative to take care of Yang’s father. Yang Yifan returned to the island, but did not have time to get off when the train started, and followed the train to the next stop. Yang Yifan was worried that he took the train back by himself, and sent her another journey. The two people on the road had more exchanges. There was something special in their eyes.

Over there, Mao Feng, who was entangled with Long Jin again, listened to Long Jin’s wealth plan and encouraged friends, relatives and friends around him to invest in Long Jin’s so-called projects. Pan Meili, who deeply loved him and trusted him, encouraged his parents and brother. My sister-in-law participated in the investment. When everyone was dreaming of getting rich, Long Jin disappeared, and Mao Feng realized that he had been tricked by Long Jin again, and his mood was extremely low. At this time, Pan Meili never abandoned him and told him that he was willing to start all over again with him. Mao Feng was deeply moved.

Although Father Yang has been in a good state of mind under everyone’s care, his illness is ruthless. Father Yang is critically ill. He hopes to see his son again. Yang Yifan hurried back, but still couldn’t see his father again. I only saw my father’s suicide note. The contents of the suicide note surprised everyone. Father Yang hoped to be buried with Yang Yifan’s mother, Yang Shu’s ex-wife after his death. Everyone did not dare to tell Yuwei’s mother.

Yang Yifan was going back to the army again soon. Yu Hao went to see him again. The train left. Yu Hao still did not get off the train, but this time she wanted to stay. She mustered up the courage to confess to Yang Yifan. I am willing to be the wife of a soldier. Yuwei’s mother quickly learned of Father Yang’s death wish. She couldn’t accept it at first, and her mood was extremely bad. So many unintentional actions by the children such as Mao Doudou became her accusations. But with the child’s comfort and tolerance, she was finally relieved and fulfilled Father Yang’s wish.

Yang Yifan was unwilling to drag Yu Hao because he was stationed on the island all year round, but Yu Hao was very firm at this time. Yang Yifan met at the train station because of the military academy. The train started. Yu Hao jumped on the train again. She married the soldier. At the wedding of Yang Yifan and Yu Hao, Mao Doudou’s two mother-in-laws were also encouraged by a group of young people to relieve their suspicions. The three daughters-in-law face the future life with confidence

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