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Till the End of the Moon 长月烬明 Episode 28 Recap

After Tantai Jin received the threat letter from Tantai Minglang, he hurried back, but at this time Pianran was dead. Tantai Minglang took out the weak water that Fu Yu had given to him before, this weak water could greatly increase the power of the puppets and demon soldiers, and he controlled the puppets to kill the people wantonly in the city.

Ye Xiao learned that Tantai Minglang had entered the city to ravage and kill the people, so he put on his armor again and went into battle to protect the people. Back then when the prosperous country was defeated, he was powerless. Now that the country is unified, no matter which country the people are in the end, they are the people of the same country. He can’t just watch the rebels slaughter the people.

He arranged for Ye Zeyu to take Chuntao to escape from the east gate, while he held a long gun Go out to kill the enemy. But Ye Zeyu thought he was the son of the Ye family, and he accompanied his father out of the house to protect the people.

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