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The Love You Give Me 你给我的喜欢 Episode 1 Recap

At a reception of a listed company, Min Hui was ridiculed by Cheng Qirang, a married man. She politely toasted a glass of wine, but the other party was still ignorant. Seeing such a rascal, Min Hui sat on his lap and gave him Embarrassed… Cheng Qirang’s face changed drastically. Min Hui thought she had succeeded in revenge, but Cheng Qirang’s wife, Zheng Yiting, was there. Seeing a woman sitting on her husband’s lap without any scruples, she walked over and poured Min Hui a glass of wine .

The moment Min Hui first entered the arena, a pair of eyes were staring at her secretly. When she saw her in trouble, she walked over to the hero to save the beauty. The wine in Zheng Yiting’s hand went straight to a man, who was the business tycoon Blue Bird Group. Xin Qi, the CEO of Xin Qi, who has such a distinguished status, stopped drinking for him, so everyone stopped talking. Xin Qi was Min Hui’s former suitor. It had been five years since the two broke up, and they met again. Surprised face.

Xin Qi’s eyes were a bit indifferent, and she sent Min Hui out of the hall and said goodbye directly. Min Hui didn’t say anything, looking at Min Hui’s back, she dialed Cheng Qirang’s phone number, it turned out that the farce just now was performed according to Cheng Qirang’s plan, In exchange, Cheng Qirang persuaded his father to operate on Min Hui’s son himself.

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