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Till the End of the Moon 长月烬明 Episode 26 Recap

Ye Xiwu fainted because of the long journey, and Tantai Jin took her back to the palace. Tantai Jin has been guarding the comatose Ye Xiwu to wake up. Seeing Ye Xiwu who woke up, Tantai Jin said that he can tell him whatever Ye Xiwu wants in the future, but Ye Xiwu directly asks Tantai Jin to marry her. To himself, Tantai Jin fully agreed.

Ye Qingyu found that Ye Xiwu was bewitched after she came back, and she drove her away even when the Ye family asked her to go home to pay homage to her grandmother. Tantaijin begged Ye Qingyu not to mention this matter in front of Ye Xiwu.

Ye Xiwu had loved Xiao Lin for many years. If she saw Xiao Lin die with her own eyes, and her grandmother who loved her for many years also died unexpectedly, Tantai Jin would not I hope that Ye Xiwu will be overly sad before the big wedding. Ye Xiwu troubled Tantai Jin to break up with the Ye family, and Tantai Jin asked Ye Qingyu to remove Ye Xiwu’s name from the family tree.

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