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Till the End of the Moon 长月烬明 Episode 16 Recap

Till the End of the Moon 长月烬明 Episode 16 Recap

Ming Ye asked Sangjiu to go down the mountain to help him buy wine to pay homage to his friend because of the separation between life and death. He heard that if a relative or friend died in the world, wine would be used to invoke the soul and pay homage to comfort the dead. And those immortal friends are very important to him. Although the gods disappeared completely in the world after the death, he still hopes to miss his friends with this.

Mingye has no hope of recovering his eyesight. Now that all his friends are dead, and his former wife hates him so much, I am afraid that he will never see him again in this life. Ming Ye asked Sang Jiu if he would always live here. Now he only has one friend in the world, Sang Jiu. He hoped that he could visit Sang Jiu occasionally in the future. Wandering around, living in no fixed place.

Sang Jiu personally combs Ming Ye’s hair because of the sunshine, and Ming Ye accidentally sees Sang Jiu in the mirror when his eyes recover. Only then does he know that the person who has been taking care of him is Sang Jiu. In order to fear that Sang Jiu would leave, Ming Ye did not admit that he had regained his eyesight. He hoped that if he hadn’t recovered, he could continue to stay with Sang Jiu in the forest.

Seeing that Sang Jiu had no place to sleep in order to take care of his injured self, Ming Ye let Sang Jiu sleep with him, and the two rested at both ends, Sang Jiu was very happy. In order to relieve Ming Ye’s bitterness, Sang Jiu went up the mountain to steal honey and was stung. Ming Ye applied medicine to the sting cheek of Sang Jiu, and felt sorry for Sang Jiu’s innocent injury.

Tian Huan received news from Tianbing that Ming Ye was found in the bamboo forest, and she brought people here. Ming Ye refused to accept Tian Huan’s kindness, and said that he would continue to rest in the forest for a while. Tianhuan asked Ming Ye to deal with it on the grounds of discovering the marrow washing seal, and Ming Ye left a farewell letter to Sang Jiu before leaving. After Ming Ye left, Tian Huan discovered Ming Ye’s letter. Knowing that the person who took care of Ming Ye was Sang Jiu, Tian Huan burned the letter paper in jealousy.

Ming Ye found the place where the marrow washing seal was left, worrying that this place would become the residence of demons due to the pervasive evil energy in the future. Tian Huan said that the pulp washing seal can not only be used to bless the magic energy, but also be used to seal the enchantment. Ming Ye thought that the pulp washing seal could wash away the immortal marrow, and maybe help Sangjiu reshape the immortal marrow, but he couldn’t take out the pulp washing seal with all his strength.

He had no choice but to transform into his real body and pull out the heart-protecting scales, inject spiritual energy to temporarily block the magic energy of the washing pulp seal, and successfully removed the washing pulp seal.

The place where the marrow-washing seal was located was replaced by the heart-protecting lin, and the nine-day rain fell from Mingye. It didn’t take long for this place to become a place full of fairy spirits. The place is surrounded by mountains, and the sun and moon shine in the valley. It is named as Buzhao Mountain. After Ming Ye returned to the Shangqing God Realm, he planned to use the Huoyang Cauldron to purify the Xisui Yin, and then he could use it to heal Sangjiu. Mingye burns his essence, purifies and washes the marrow seal, hoping to finally get a fresh start with Sangjiu. Now that the demon god has been punished and the Three Realms are at peace, Mingye hopes that in the future, he can slowly make up for the affection he owed to Sangjiu.

Tian Huan noticed that Ming Ye wanted to use the marrow-washing seal to save Sangjiu who had lost the marrow. Seeing that Ming Ye took the risk of going crazy to open the Huoyang Cauldron, Tian Huan picked up the magic weapon with the mussel clan out of jealousy. Because of this, he led his troops to find Zhulin and wanted to kill Sangjiu. Sang Jiu hid wittily, and because of Tianhuan’s words, he misunderstood that Ming Ye wanted to kill him.

Sang Jiu wanted to ask about this in person, but when she came to Shangqing God Realm, she learned that Ming Ye was in closed-door training, and that the Tianhuan Saintess and Ming Ye were connected by heart, and they were encircling and suppressing the remaining demons in the four continents and three realms at this time.

Tian Huan led troops into the Mohe Palace, accused the Mohe people of colluding with the demon gods on the spot, hid the magic weapons of the demons, wiped out the entire Mohe Shui tribe, killed the leader of the Mohe River, and took away the seriously injured Sangyou. Sang Jiu realized that something happened to his father and brother, and hurried to Mohe only to find that both the people and his father had died tragically.

Sang Jiu was heartbroken, and found out from the beads left by his father that Tian Huan slandered Mohe for collusion with the water tribe because of jealousy. Mozu. Sang Jiu blamed himself for falling in love with Ming Ye, and Sang Jiu lost his temper under the mixture of grief and hatred.

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