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Till the End of the Moon 长月烬明 Episode 15 Recap

Till the End of the Moon 长月烬明 Episode 15 Recap

In order to buy time, Ming Ye completed the seal of the evil bones as soon as possible, and did not hesitate to call out the twin Wenzun. Although this move greatly improved the combat power in a short period of time, if the seal of the evil bones was not completed as soon as possible, and the marrow was burned, the world would be destroyed. No more God of War.

In order to prevent the demon generals from rushing to help the demon god, Jize and Chuhuang combined their divine power to collapse the demon domain. He decided to use his own divine power to join the demons in the abyss, and use his body to suppress the desolate abyss.

The Demon God summoned a god-slaying crossbow to aim at Ming Ye, but Ming Ye was not afraid of death, and was even willing to trade death for the seal of the evil bone. In order to save Mingye, Chuhuang blocked with her body, and finally her mind and soul were all wiped out. The demon god once again summoned the god-slaying crossbow to aim at Mingye, but Mingye had already sealed the evil bones at this time. In order to avenge Paoze, he tried his best to confront the demon god.

Because the evil bone was sealed, the demon god decided to drag Shenyu to be buried with the evil bone. Mingye decided to use all his power to die with the demon god, and handed over the mess to the gods of the divine domain to resolve.

The demon god finally hit Ming Ye, intending to refine it into a demon dragon to drive him away. At this time, the star punishment assembled by the gods fell, and to fight against the power of the demon god for a while. The Heavenly Sword stabbed the Demon God, which angered the Demon God, and the Demon God sealed him, and because of this, the Demon God was hit by Star Punishment. Enraged, the Demon God knocked down God’s Domain, intending to return the Three Realms to chaos.

Ming Ye’s divine power was exhausted, and because of the collapse of the Tianzhu, the Three Realms are now at stake. The gods decided to take the last step, and the gods returned to the ruins to protect the common people with the death of the gods. When the gods parted, they handed over the Relic of the Divine Halberd to Ming Ye. With the Relic of the Divine Halberd in his hand, Ming Ye used it to kill the Demon God in one fell swoop. Mingye finally replaced Tianzhu with the divine halberd, and he fell into the world due to exhaustion of divine power.

Sang Jiu always lost his mind today, and Mo He’s subordinates came down to report to Sang You. When Sang You left, she stopped Mo He’s subordinates and asked what happened today. Knowing that the two armies of gods and demons fought bloody battles in Nagasawa, and the battle was horrific, God of War was the first to bear the brunt. Although the gods slaughtered the demon gods and wiped out all the demons, they all perished, and the God of War Ming Ye and the God of Eternal Jize were also missing.

Sang Jiu realized that the scales of Ming Ye’s battle armor were about to melt away. She remembered the ray of divine power bestowed upon her by the First Phoenix God. With this divine power, she found Ming Ye who had fallen into the Ruo Shui River. Enduring the burning of Ruo Shui, she would Take it home at night. Tian Huan sent many heavenly soldiers and generals to travel across the four continents but could not find Ming Ye. She was very anxious about this.

Mingye was seriously injured and returned to his original shape, and Sangjiu was carefully maintained every day, replacing the sea water for him and adding spiritual herbs to heal his injuries. Sang Jiu decided to wait for Ming Ye to recover from his injury and choose to leave by himself, so it is not indebted to each other. Sang You came to see his sister, in order to prevent Sang You from finding Ming Ye, Sang Jiu had to take his elder brother away in a hurry, and told his elder brother that Sangyou had learned to practice witchcraft, so that his elder brother did not have to visit him often.

Ming Ye turned into a human again, and Sang Jiu planned to throw it into Yuqing Palace, but he was still reluctant. Ming Ye wakes up and finds that she is temporarily blind. Sang Jiu hides her identity, saying that she is a bamboo spirit named Mo Zhu, and she accidentally rescued Ming Ye. He is here to cultivate his body well. In the following days, Sang Jiu helped Ming Ye heal his eyes and take care of his daily necessities. Although Ming Ye didn’t know her identity, Sang Jiu enjoyed the time they were together.

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