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Till the End of the Moon 长月烬明 Episode 7 Recap

On New Year’s Eve, the Ye family gathered together to celebrate the New Year, and Li Susu also received a red envelope from her grandmother. She told her father five hundred years ago in her heart that everything is fine here now. Seeing Ye Xiwu’s warmth with his family, Tantai Jin was very envious.

The person sent by King Sheng to assassinate Tantai Jin turned back without success, which made King Sheng believe that there was a mysterious power behind Tantai Jin, and he wanted to eliminate Tantai Jin and the power behind it together. Tantai Jin learned from Nightingale’s sound transmission that someone was looking for him, and this person was indeed Lan An who left early.

At that time, Lan’an wanted to take back the Yiyue clan and borrowed the power of the tribe to save Tantai Jin from the palace, but the tribe changed, the old patriarch died, and the new patriarch was unwilling to intervene in this matter. In order to gain a foothold in marrying the new patriarch, Lan An even became the high priest, letting the entire Moon Clan obey her orders. Now she returns with the Moon Shadow Guard just to save Tantai Jin.

Till the End of the Moon 长月烬明 Episode 7 Recap

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