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Till the End of the Moon 长月烬明 Episode 1 Recap

Till the End of the Moon 长月烬明 Episode 1 Recap

The demon god is the incarnation of sin in the world, bringing disaster and death, and this new demon god is Tantai Jin. The demon god brought his subordinates to the Buzhao Mountain of Xiaoyaozong to look for the mirror of the past, and wanted to see the legendary artifact that could end the demon god.

Hengyang Sect Changze Mountain, Li Susu, the adopted daughter of the first head of the Immortal Sect, learned from her senior brother that her father went to Mohe to save people, but now there are only two immortal sects of Xiaoyao Sect and Hengyang Sect. How long does it take to resist the demons? You need to find a way to kill the demon gods to solve the predicament.

But thousands of years ago when all the gods fell, they made all efforts to kill the ancient demon god. Now that the new demon god suddenly came to the world, only the people of the immortal sect were powerless to kill them.

At this time, the Demon God had captured Xiaoyaozong, but the Demon God couldn’t open the past mirror with his magic power, so he forced Xiaoyao Zong Zhaoyou to open the past mirror. Quxuanzi of Hengyang Zong led people to rescue the real Zhaoyou.

After he rescued the real Zhaoyou, he teamed up with Siying Jingmiue, the demon god’s subordinate, and then the demon god trapped everyone in the fairy sect with the marrow washing seal. He planned to shoot and kill them. Quxuanzi and Master Zhaoyou were shot in the cheeks by Li Susu who rushed over. Taking the opportunity, Master Zhaoyou took back the past mirror, handed it to Li Susu, and took everyone away while the demon god was absent.

Li Susu was the first person to hurt the demon god in five hundred years. The demon god sacrificed the sword to deal with Li Susu. Li Susu lost to the demon god and was arrested. At the moment of crisis, Li Susu’s mark flickered between his eyebrows, and Li Susu Su’s blood also allowed the past mirror to restart.

Entering the mirror of the past, Li Susu was told that the reason why the demon god snatched the mirror of the past was because it would have the power to reverse fate in the hands of the fateful person, and Li Susu was the fateful person. The Demon God was not born as a Demon, and the past is his only weakness. Li Susu learned from the mirror of the past that Tantai Jin, the predecessor of the demon god, was in Shengwang Palace five hundred years ago, but at that time, as a demon fetus, he was already accumulating strength for the recovery of the demon god.

If Tantai Jin hadn’t been able to become a demon back then, today’s catastrophe of annihilation would not have happened. Li Susu needs to rush back to Hengyang Sect as soon as possible to open the light-shattering array to reverse the universe in order to save the world. Brother Gongye came to give Li Susu time to escape at the cost of his life, and Li Susu successfully returned to Hengyang Sect.

Qu Xuanzi and Master Zhaoyou learned about the origin of the Demon God from Li Susu’s mouth. Qu Xuanzi thought that Li Susu had to destroy the evil bones of the Demon God before he could completely kill him five hundred years ago.

The real Zhaoyou opened the light-breaking array to send Li Susu back to five hundred years ago, while Qu Xuanzi and the real Zhaoyou finally chose to stick to the fairy gate to fight against the demon god. When Li Susu left, she saw that her familiar relatives, senior brothers and sisters of the immortal sect were all destroyed in front of her eyes, and vowed to kill the demon god Tantai Jin.

Five hundred years ago, Li Susu was Ye Xiwu, the second daughter of the general’s mansion. Back to five hundred years ago, Li Susu woke up in the wild. She pretended to have amnesia and asked her close servant Chun Tao about her identity information. Li Susu learned that she escaped from the bandits on the way to Shangxiang and accidentally fell down the slope and fell into a coma.

She ran away with Chuntao and was soon caught up by the bandits. caught. At a critical moment, a person came to rescue Li Susu’s master and servant. Li Susu saw the other person’s appearance and thought it was the elder brother, Gongye Ji Wu, but then he realized that this person was not the elder brother, but Xiao Lin, the sixth highness of Shengguo.

Xiao Lin misunderstood Li Susu pestering him, so he had to tell Li Susu that he only loved Ye Bingshang in his life, and that he just rescued Ye Xiwu just out of morality. After Xiao Lin left, Li Susu knew that this person was the only son of His Majesty, known as His Royal Highness Camellia, and Ye Xiwu was in love with Xiao Lin before, and a few days ago, because of jealousy, he pushed his sister Ye Bingshang into the lake to anger Xiao Lin .

After Xiao Lin left, the bandits came back to look for Ye Xiwu. It turned out that today was a drama set up by Ye Xiwu to let His Highness Xiao Lin save the beauty. Only then did Li Susu know that everything that happened today was just a drama.

Before Li Susu returned to Ye Mansion, she told Chuntao to help her hide her amnesia. She asked where Tantai Jin was now, but unexpectedly learned that Tantai Jin was Ye Xiwu’s husband, and that Tantai Jin was in the mansion. The person she was most afraid of was Ye Xiwu.

Li Susu found Tantai Jin who was kneeling weakly in the snow. She tested Tantai Jin’s identity, but was finally scared away by Tantai Jin’s eyes that destroyed everything. Li Susu learned from Chun Tao’s mouth that he punished Tantai Jin by kneeling, because Tantai Jin rescued Ye Bingshang who fell into the water a few days ago, but did not save Ye Xiwu who slipped into the lake. And Tantai Jin was originally the proton sent by Jingguo to Shengguo, but he has a strange temper and is not liked by everyone

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