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The Magical Women (2023) 灿烂的转身 Episode 1 Recap

After a night of passionate lingering, at dawn, Sophie was half asleep and half awake, and felt her husband Yan Weilun turn over and get out of bed to wash. A moment later, he heard the sound of him busy in the kitchen. The two have been married for many years and have a daughter, Yan Youran. They are affectionate and sweet, and they are a model couple in the eyes of outsiders. But Sophie has been a little sensitive recently, and always feels that her life seems to be calm, but in fact there are undercurrents. She found women’s underwear in her husband’s bag, and she became suspicious. Yan Weilun answered the question perfectly, claiming that the underwear was a new product developed by the company, and she easily got away with a few words.

As the general manager of Feishang Company, Sophie needs to devote most of her energy to new projects. She doesn’t care about the authenticity of her husband’s words. Fortunately, the brakes were on time and the boy was fine. On the contrary, the boy’s mother, An Ning, complained. Just as Sophie and An Ning had a dispute, Yan Weilun’s appearance made Ankang’s eyes bright, and the word “uncle” was about to blurt out, but An Ning covered her mouth and left in a panic. This matter has come to an end for the time being, Sophie is too lazy to pursue it further, and there is still a more difficult crisis waiting to be dealt with.

The company’s key project “Hidong” software was developed and listed. Ding Jianhong, the vice president of Xinyuan Group, stole the development plan and took the opportunity to ask for an additional advertisement column, otherwise the gambling agreement would not be completed. Shi Shangfei from the technical department exposed Ding Jianhong in public, so there was a lot of trouble. Fortunately, Sophie turned the situation around with her talents, and the two sides re-signed a supplementary agreement.

Under the arrangement of Ding Jianhong’s father and daughter, single mother An Ning first found a suitable kindergarten for her son, and then came to Feishang Company to apply for a truck driver. Although there were some conflicts in the morning, Sophie still went through the entry procedures for her due to human relations. An Ning caught a glimpse of the family photo on the table, and a look of shock flashed in her eyes, which happened to be caught by Sophie.

Because An Ning graduated from a sports school, she is strong enough to move and carry, and she can’t handle a big problem in her work, that is, her greed for money makes Sophie dissatisfied. Sophie and Shi Shangfei have a good relationship, and advised him to keep his temper as much as possible. Shi Shangfei looked at Sophie’s face and let the past go. After get off work, An Ning hurried to the kindergarten and apologized to the teacher Su Luo for being late. Su Luo didn’t care at all, and was infected by the warm picture of the mother and child getting along.

Yan Weilun drove to pick up Sophie for dinner. There was an unfamiliar smell of perfume in the car, and her husband called her baby on the phone. These successive signs of infidelity aroused Sophie’s suspicion, and she silently planted seeds of suspicion in her heart. Sophie tentatively asked Yan Weilun if he had lied to her. Yan Weilun’s subtle answer made him more honest, and he also showed Sophie the name of the phone address book to prove his innocence.

The couple took their daughter home with their own thoughts. Yan Youran happily announced that she was selected to go to Nan’an City to participate in the speech contest, but in the next second, she suddenly remembered that the tablet computer was left in the car. Because Yan Youran needed to review the speech, Sophie went downstairs to get the tablet in the car, but found a damaged plastic monkey head in the back seat, and the Monkey King pendant behind the Ankang schoolbag came to mind.

In order to confirm her inner guess, Sophie came to An Ning’s residence with a supper, and found the schoolbag on the table at a glance. The headless monkey body was hanging on the zipper of the schoolbag. Sophie took advantage of Ankang’s inattention to take away the pendant, and when Anning came out of the room, she made up a temporary reason for working overtime.

An Ning wants to take her son out, but politely refuses to work overtime, and her schedule coincides with Yan Weilun’s business trip schedule. Sophie walked home in despair, never thinking that her marriage would go wrong, and she still had a glimmer of hope in her heart, but when she tried to restore the monkey head and monkey body, a complete Monkey King pendant was like a bolt from the blue, destroying the family. smashed to pieces.

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