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Infernal Affairs 无间 Episode 4 Recap

Betty found blond hair at the scene, and it can now be confirmed that the shooter was a woman, but it is not yet known whether it was a foreigner. Shen Xiao thought about who this fire crane was, and why the other party was also rounding up Han Tian. After Shen Xiao thought it over, he went to Chio Matsushita, thinking that he had set up a trick to give him the address of the abandoned factory on the north bank of the Suzhou River, and at the same time gave it to the flamingo, creating a scene where the mantis catching the cicada and the oriole followed.

That day, Chio Matsushita gave the address to Shen Xiao, and when Shen Xiao left, Chio Matsushita fell off the bed on purpose, attracting the guards outside, and at the same time successfully handed over the note to the nurse who came to give him an injection. Facing the facts and the nurse who had confessed, Matsushita Chio had nothing to say.

Matsushita is a double agent of Japan and the military. Shen Xiao once again threatened him with the life of Matsushita’s family members to reveal who the fire crane is. After reacting, Panasonic had already died of anger. After testing, it was found that the photo contained a large amount of potassium cyanide, which had been processed and had no smell.

In addition, the transmitter found in Matsushita’s home was not connected to the United States, but a professional transmitter used by military spies. Lan Bing said that if Matsushita Chio was a double-faced spy lurking in Japan, would Lu Feng also have problems. Shen Xiao ordered not to tell Lu Feng the identity of Matsushita Qianxiong as a double agent, and asked Lu Feng to investigate the two killers.

Lan Bing assigned tasks to the team members at the meeting, Ding Sheng was in charge of checking and repairing the car dealership, and Betty continued to look for witnesses. Whenever a woman with a suspected gunshot wound went to the hospital, she had to report it in time. Lu Feng was very silent, but he didn’t express his doubts about Hua Xiangyu. Later, Lu Feng asked Hua Xiangyu to have dinner, and he noticed the slight weakness in Hua Xiangyu’s arm.

The two were testing each other, Lu Feng grabbed Hua Xiangyu’s arm, her reaction made Lu Feng sure that there must be an injury on her arm, and the short-haired woman who appeared in the abandoned factory was her. Ding Sheng went to A Fei’s garage. Although there are many people and complete equipment here, the boss said that the engine cannot be changed or modified here. When Huo Fei saw Ding Sheng, he quickly notified his people.

After learning about Matsushita’s death, Lu Feng asked Officer Shan why he wanted to kill his own people. Officer Shan was a little surprised. How did Lu Feng know that Matsushita was his own? Lu Feng said that when he searched Matsushita’s home, he saw the code book of the military command.

The flash officer assigned him the next task, to get the key to the secret team’s database gate, which only Shen Xiao had. Lu Feng was ordered to complete this task, and after the task was over, the flash officer would notify him to return to the ghost. The special secret team did not dig out any information from the female agent who played the role of the nurse, but the hair identification results came out, and it was confirmed to be a wig. The closer it is to Hua Xiangyu’s appearance.

When Lan Bing took people to investigate Hua Xiangyu, Lu Feng took Hua Xiangyu away first, and they made an appointment to have dinner at Hua Xiangyu’s house at night, but in fact it was a confession. The results of Lan Bing’s investigation directly made Shen Xiao focus on Ji Yunzhong, and the special secret team began to conduct a thorough investigation on Ji Yunzhong.

Hua Xiangyu put anesthetics on the knife and fork, which made Lu Feng faint, tied his hands, and found anesthetics from him. When Lu Feng woke up, the two of them came and went, Hua Xiangyu temporarily dispelled his doubts about him, and the dinner between the two went smoothly in the end. Huo Fei came uninvited, he said that he saw Lu Feng in the abandoned chemical factory that day.

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