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Dragon under the bed


Christian, the successor to the historic duke,

A narcissist who has never been in a relationship because he likes himself so much.

In Christian’s bedroom. Is there a woman who hides every night at night?

“Master, you look great from head to toe again today.”

For the longing master

The maid, Lin, who wants to burn this one body.

“Stop lying about being a fan.

What crazy fan do you mean?

Hurry up and tell me who the spy was infiltrated!”

I have to drive out a suspicious maid.

The owner, Christian, is constantly beating her heart.

With the stalker maid who knows only going straight

A romantic battle of the master of the narcissist iron wall!

Dragon under the bed
Associated Names: 침대 밑 드래곤
Genres: romance
Year: 2019
Status: N/A

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