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Title: Chasing Love Boy Group, Zhuiainantuan, 追愛男團, Boyband
Starring: Park Peng, Anchanzhai Nath, Mishni Kimbain
Director: Unknown
Genre: Thai Drama


It Tells The Story Of A Group Of Teenagers Who Dream Of Becoming A World-Class Boy Group. Must Undergo Training, Hard Singing And Dancing And Fierce Competition To Become An Entertainer In Khun Serena’s World Star Camp.

doing anything. “Love” or “Dream”? ?

It tells the story of a group of teenagers who dream of becoming a world-class boy group. Must undergo training, hard singing and dancing and fierce competition to become an entertainer in Khun Serena’s world star camp.

The goddess of the entertainment industry that everyone fears, has an iron law that prohibits artists in the company from falling in love.

But what choice will Top and Ju Ju make between love and dreams from rivals to “beyond friends”?

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