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See You Again (2022) 超时空罗曼史 Episode 1 Recap

See You Again (2022) 超时空罗曼史 Episode 1 Recap

In Shanghai in 1936, Xiang Qin Yu (played by Hu Yitian) was filming. When Boss Lin who bought Mengsheng appeared, Xiang Qin Yu didn’t want to pay attention to him. When Xiang Qin Yu was resting in the middle, he suddenly found that his tie clip was missing. When he wanted to look for it, he was stopped by the manager. The manager hoped that he could look for it after filming. The sky was suddenly covered with dark clouds, and someone shot on the set, hitting Xiang Qin Yu who was filming.

In Shanghai in 2018, Jin Ayin (played by Chen Yuqi), an urban beauty in the new era, is an ordinary screenwriter who often worries about not being able to pay the rent, but she dreams of becoming a film screenwriter. For the sake of her life motto, she chased down screenwriter Mu who owed her the manuscript fee. Screenwriter Mu refused to give the money. The two began to fight, but Jin Ayin was locked in the room by screenwriter Mu.

Helpless, Jin Ayin sat on the ground, picked up the lollipop on the ground, and found an abandoned newspaper with a photo of Xiang Qin Yu on it. Only then did he realize that the room he was trapped in was the former Mengsheng studio.

Young actor Li Longda (played by Wang Tianchen) made an appointment to meet Brother Hu and wanted to be the lead male lead in a new drama, but he didn’t want the director to fancy his friend Chi Yu (played by Hu Tianchen), because Chi Yu followed the actor of the Republic of China in the last century to Qin Yu. look exactly the same. Someone called Chi Yu, Chi Yu said he wanted to go out to answer, and Li Longda went out after a while.

Jin Ah-yin chased after screenwriter Mu, but was told that screenwriter Mu was leaving. Mu screenwriter assistant was stopped by Jin Ayin. The assistant did not want to be entangled, and lied that he had introduced a job to Jin Ayin. Jin Ayin wanted to return the manuscript fee and was blocked again, so he had to take the bus home. On the bus, Jin Ayin recalled that when she was a child, the star she admired most was Xiang Qin Yu. She thought it was good luck to pick up his newspaper, but she didn’t expect to return without success.

The Earthquake and Meteorological Observatory reported that there will be magnetic field fluctuations near the sea surface, and the last time such an unusual thunderstorm was in 1936. When Chi Yu answered the phone by the beach and focused on sending a message, he was hit in the back by a stranger and kicked him into the sea.

Jin Ah-yin returned to her home, the sky was dark and cloudy, lightning flashed and thunder, and there was a sudden power outage in the house, but the collar clip on her neck was glowing. Jin Ayin only used a lighter for lighting. When the lightning flashed, she looked up, and Xiang Qin Yu appeared in front of her with blood on her face. Xiang Qin Yu held down Jin Ayin’s neck and kept asking why he was killed. In Xiang Qin Yu’s memory, when he was filming, he saw the masked man who shot him, the woman who looked like Jin Ayin.

Xiang Qin Yu was bleeding from a gunshot wound and fainted, and Jin Ayin sent him to the hospital for treatment. Because of the gunshot wound, the nurse had to report it to the leader. Jin Ah-yin was worried that he could not explain clearly, so he quickly left the hospital.

Xiang Qin Yu’s consciousness gradually became clear, and his gunshot wound recovered instantly, but the unfamiliar scene made him puzzled in every possible way. Xiang Qin Yu catches up with Jin Ayin who wants to leave, asks her if she knows her, and reveals her identity. Jin Ayin didn’t believe it at all, thinking that Xiang Qin Yu was filming a reality show, and wanted to escape several times, but he didn’t expect to see Xiang Qin Yu’s turn around when he was filming when he was grabbing the bag. She couldn’t help but believe it, but this move was the classic move of her idol.

Xiang Qin Yu grabbed Jin Ayin, saw the tie clip on her chest, and asked her why she had something from him. Jin Ayin took out his ID card, trembling with fear, and after confirming it again and again, knew that the person in front of him was a living person. Xiang Qin Yu didn’t understand why he came to 2018 and wanted to find the record of his being killed. Jin Ah-yin took him to the Mengsheng studio, expressing that he was his keen fan.

Jin Ayin couldn’t hold back his nympho image, and drooled when Xiang Qin Yu covered his mouth. When they quietly came to the archives to look up the historical film materials of that year, they didn’t have any records of Xiang Qin Yu. Xiang Qin Yu was very excited that he turned out to be a person who was not known in the historical data.

Jin Ayin said that when he was a child, he and his father watched the clip of “The Whampoa”, and the tie clip was found in the tin box at the scene. Xiang Qin Yu wanted to find Mengsheng’s records, but found that the Mengsheng Film Factory had turned into a pile of ruins. He couldn’t believe his eyes at all.

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