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Let’s get to know…Dry eye disease

Eyes stinging, as if there is a piece of dust in the eye all the time and tears flow Especially when using the computer for a long time until I feel headaches, eye pain, and various symptoms that this is a symptom of dry eye or not. Let’s answer the questions about this.

Dry eyes are a condition in which there is an insufficient amount of tears to nourish the eye surface. This is mainly due to less tear production. or too many tears resulting from inflammation of the eye surface which can be caused by many factors And can happen to people of all ages, for example, patients with certain diseases such as Sjogren’s Syndrome or autoimmune diseases in which the disease destroys the cells of the lacrimal glands. Golden age with changes in hormone levels in the body. or have used certain medications.

Certain eye drops

Taking medications with side effects decreases the production of tears. People with abnormalities of the eyelids or the nerves to the eyelids cause the eyes to not close properly. have abnormal blinking, especially in patients with neurological and brain diseases In some people, there may be inflammation of the eyelids. causing the pulling of the eyelids resulting in the wrong eyelashes In addition, people who live in windy, dry environments or use their eyes for a long time can also cause dry eyes. dry eye symptoms..

There are many things, for example, the patient may feel stiffness in the eyes. Irritation like dust particles in the eyes, allergic to light, allergic to wind, some people may have sticky mucus in the eyes. Sometimes patients may come with symptoms of eye irritation, and tears because irritation of the eyes stimulates the lacrimal glands to squeeze more tears. If the eyes are very dry, they may scratch the surface of the eyes and cause blurred vision. When various symptoms occur, we feel discomfort in our eyes, and our quality of life worsens if left chronically dry. will cause inflammation of the cornea Cause corneal ulcers or, in severe cases, may cause corneal inflammation, infection, causing blindness.

For those who feel irritation and discomfort in the eyes. Initially, artificial tears can be used. To moisturize the eyes, relieve the symptoms before. Then try to observe the behavior. What are the environmental and risk factors that lead to dry eye? Behavior modifications, such as using a computer, should rest your eyes when staring at a screen for long periods of time. Or use goggles to protect yourself from sunlight, dust, strong wind, or anyone who is taking any medication to see if it affects dry eyes. If the cause is not found or the symptoms do not subside It is advisable to see an ophthalmologist immediately.

The treatment uses artificial tears to compensate for natural tears. and practice blinking regularly may make a warm compress Massage and bleach to clean the eyelids. to get rid of germs and dirt around the eyelids Including reducing inflammation of the eyelid sebaceous glands that cause clogged sebaceous glands. causing chronic inflammation of the eyelids. As a result, it can cause dry eyes. in the case of dry eyes and there is a lot of inflammation of the eye skin Steroid medications may be needed to reduce inflammation of the ocular surface and conjunctiva. In this case, it is not recommended to buy the drug for your own use. should be examined directly by an ophthalmologist

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